Hancock Synopsis
With every feat, a scruffy superhero (Will Smith) inflicts collateral damage upon Los Angeles.
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Be careful bringing the kids...

By tvweather
It's an entertaining summer flick. Action, laughs, and a quick pace....only about 90 minutes. I MUST caution, there are quite a few f bombs, and plenty of vulgarity. Most of it IS funny to...

I saw a special screening on South Beach last night.....

By jessierican
and this is a must see!! It is funny, full of action, with a little twist! Big Willie did it again!! He owns the 4th of July in the box office! Parents - you might want to watch it first before...

Somebody rescue me - except Hancock!

By saintandrew
What a wonderful and funny premise for a movie! Superhero who doesn't give a crap, has low self-esteem, and causes more damage than his super powers create relief. And although Will Smith is a...


By MovieRN
Went to see this at a private screeing and all I can say is WOW! it had twists and turns which made it very entertaining. Will Smith was again at his best. Haven't seen or heard much from Charlize...

HANCOCK = unorthodox and perplexing

Just saw the press screening for this ho-hum movie. Director Peter Berg infuses his movie 'moments'/scenes with mood via audio by incorporating GREAT soundtracks. But that is insufficient in saving...


By austin789
i can not wate of this movie to come in the theathers...


By gangster1993
i saw it at a preview the first 40 minutes is super hilarious then all the funny falls out and its kinda seriouis...

hancock looks awsome

By gwarth
this looks to be different than anything else made lately. so many movies look like the same old crap. but hancock looks new and fresh. especally for a super hero movie....


By zjim377
I did not think it would be good the critics hated it but most people liked it so I went into the movie not knowing what to expect. The movie was okay a little better then I expected but the bad...


By xxkarmaxx
This was pretty good movie. Really funny movie I laughed a lot. The fact that Charlize Theron had the same powers as Will Smith made the movie kind of stupid. Great action but the movie was just not...

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Rated PG-13 | For some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and language
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Common Sense Media says Has action, heart, but superhero is an alcoholic.
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