The ending was good...

By jessierican
Written March 15, 2008
They should have just released the ending as a music video and left out the rest of the film. I wanted to like the movie - but it was slow through out - but the end was worth watching. Therefore, I gave it a "So-So" rating.
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Hamlet 2 = BIG TIME DUD.

Written August 15, 2008
I STRONGLY resisted the urge to leave the theater during the press screening yesterday just because I was with a guest - and I was rewarded with only the last 15 minutes of 'amusement' after sitting through an AGONIZING 80 minutes of sheer plain outright boredom. The acting was cheesy and mediocre. The plot/script was outright ridiculous and totally predictable - WHO CARES if it was written by a 'co-writer of South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut and Team America: World Police'? You've to totally turn-off your brains to enjoy this movie. The jokes were insultingly irreverent and over-the-top - and earned only mediocre laughters from the screening audience. At the end, you'll be asking yourself, "Why was this movie even made?". Recommendation: If you choose to see this movie, it's your time AND money you are wasting. Grade: D-minus (the last 15 minutes of the movie saved it from an outright F)
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Lighten up!

By cheetachic
Written August 22, 2008
Obviously this isn't a movie that will be winning an academy award. How many movies have been made about Christianity and religion in a positive way? Just because SOME people are blinded by faith, doesn't make it the truth, or standard for everyone else to believe. "Blasphemy's" in a movie? You have GOT to be kidding me?? Every movie that you watch that has any murder, sex, violence, cursing, or any self indulged actor in it could be called a blasphemy. Lighten up and get over your God complex, it's a movie!! This looks like a brilliant satire to start exactly what this country needs: Non ignorant, light hearted people to poke fun at how serious and dilllusion religions are. Do some research and really take a look at the movie, and your religion before you start using the word "blasphemy", or judge it. After all, if you're religious, do not judge, if not religious then go see the movie and enjoy!
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To See or not to see? That is the question...

By GAughey
Written August 06, 2008
I'm going make this right to the point. People, this was created by one of the people of South Park!! It's not intended to win any awards! As a resident of Tucson, Az most people will think that I'm gonna be upset, but any movie that has footage shot in Tucson is 'money in the bank' for our town! I'm gonna love seeing if i can recognize any spots in town, as well as local calebrities. Anyway, I'm going and you should consider going too. Oh, and don't bother leaving your reviews later, they're be useless.
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Offensive, uncomfortable, and great! It rocks ME!

By Texafan
Written August 31, 2008
This is better than 95% of the cookie cutter romatic comedies, coming-of-age, and saving-the-children flicks made. Realistic? No, but everyone knows a teacher or co-worker who is so unconsciously incompetent that it is painful to watch them--and this movie relates. Not only to the poor boob, but also to the people affected by their eccintricities--except that, now, we are allowed to laugh. Rock me sexy Jesus needs to be nominated for an Oscar. Not only is it original, it is intregral to the story: it's not just some fluffy pop song rolling during the credits. This is a smart movie for smart people. It will not appeal to all.
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