Hamlet 2 Synopsis
A failed actor-turned-drama teacher stages a politically incorrect musical sequel.
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The ending was good...

By jessierican
They should have just released the ending as a music video and left out the rest of the film. I wanted to like the movie - but it was slow through out - but the end was worth watching. Therefore, I...

Hamlet 2 = BIG TIME DUD.

I STRONGLY resisted the urge to leave the theater during the press screening yesterday just because I was with a guest - and I was rewarded with only the last 15 minutes of 'amusement' after sitting...

Lighten up!

By cheetachic
Obviously this isn't a movie that will be winning an academy award. How many movies have been made about Christianity and religion in a positive way? Just because SOME people are blinded by faith,...

To See or not to see? That is the question...

By GAughey
I'm going make this right to the point. People, this was created by one of the people of South Park!! It's not intended to win any awards! As a resident of Tucson, Az most people will think that...

Offensive, uncomfortable, and great! It rocks ME!

By Texafan
This is better than 95% of the cookie cutter romatic comedies, coming-of-age, and saving-the-children flicks made. Realistic? No, but everyone knows a teacher or co-worker who is so unconsciously...

GOD IS HOLY-Do NOT be Decieved- This is a MOCKERY

By Truth4Him
This Movie mocks & blasphemes the Creator & Holy God of Isreal & His promised Messiah-Jesus Christ, who came from heaven to earth to show the way, lived a perfect life, was crucified on the cross by...

You must see. If you have no humor stay home!

By jabberwolf
This movie was so incredibly wrong in so many ways, it was perfect!! When I saw some of the fans writing about this, I had to join and write. This is the first movie that has compelled me to write a...

Most Horrible Looking Movie

By DunInSpeed
Not only is it full of blasphemy but this movie looks like it'll take a face plant into the dirt on its opening day. Personally I find no humor in blasphemy and that's all this movie is about....

Jesus Saves

By RandytheMovieFan
The first hour got tedious at times with its "Dangerous Minds" subplot, but it was generally interesting with some amusing moments. The last 30 minutes kicked things up a notch and most audiences...

it was good

By glxy2
amy poehler was funny and so was steve coogan. go south park!...

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Rated R | For language including sexual references, brief nudity and some drug content
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Common Sense Media says High school theater spoof lacks some spark.
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