Before this movie even comes out. Let me go ahead and educate you hate mongers.

By TheBullcrapAttacker
Written March 14, 2009
The remake of Halloween. WAS GREAT, ORIGINAL, AND ENTERTAINING!!! " Why it was nothing like John Carpenters" blah blah blah! WHAT DID YOU PEOPLE DO WHEN FRIDAY THE 13th 2009 CAME OUT?!?!? "Oh that was stupid they didn't do anything different beside Jason kidnapping people which is stupid!" SEE! you people cry about it either way. Rob's Halloween was great. Yes, he did something different which is why it's a remake! The crap you people do first is watch the movie (including Friday the 13th) and you sit there and think " oh oh number two was better oh this is not like number 4." SHUT UP! why can't you watch the movie as if it was it's own? you need to forget about the others in order to ENJOY the movie! The worse thing I hear you people cry about too is the cast. Dage for one was great. "Oh he looks like a girl!" why? because he has long blond hair and blue eyes? ya Great Scout WAS REAL! Not some stupid girl going around sucking everybody off! Quit CRYING AND JUST WATCH
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Get over it

By youallarehaters
Written August 25, 2009
You guys are so dumb..... if you dont want to see this movie dont go see it, if you dont like remakes dont go see it, if you dont like rob zombie dont go see it, if you dont like micheal myers dont go see it! Instead of wasting your time and pissing people off that love rob zombie and his movie why dont you go place a review on a movie that you actually seen and liked and people would be alot more grateful of you darn review. I dont see you making a movie and actually making millions off of it so quit your damn gripping and get a life instead of insulting someone who is pretty darn rich off of you people that soposedly wasted your money to go see the first one. thats your damn fault.... I bet you hes the one laughing and your the one crying over 10 haha... I love Rob Zombie and all his movies... i own all of them to so learn how to get that stick out your but and stop crying...
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this is not jason this is michael myers

By phedup12
Written April 29, 2009
plain and simpe michael myers mom never told him to kill people she was a nice lady and wanted to help her son out.. jason is the movie were his mom was telling jason to kill so you cant put these to icons in the same dam story like seriously come on michael kill her im pretty sure in jason she says come on jason kill her in it come on rob zombie.
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Helloween Too!

By judemovies
Written September 11, 2009
This is the genre I know best so I see this kind of movie in a different way than some. I go for the effects and props and stunt work. Blood bags etc...The action in this movie never quit from beginning to end. It had new types of kills I hadn't seen before. Gruesome and forceful. No beating around the bush here. Meyers was fearless and quick and spared no one or thing. I cringed a few times at some of the kills and wondered if there's a new type of blood they're using out there because if was pretty good. The close ups were tight and showed detail. Sound is sharp and startling at times. Angel Meyers is very convincing on the panic side; She does panic well. The story was eh but the blood and guts which is what Michael Meyers is all about was there full steam. Not for kids and I saw many very young ones with parents there. Lots of nudity and raw violence. Not good for them or adults not cool with that. Otherwise go and enjoy the grossness and craziness that makes Halloween 2 a good one
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Halloween is the greatest and nothing...

By dabaddestbytch615
Written August 05, 2009
nothing can make michael myers look bad. i loved all the originals and i loved the remade one and i cant wait till part 2 come out because i am going to be there front and center watching my baby kill, kill, kill. i love michael myers and i love rob zombie for doing a good job.
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