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Screenvision and Compass International Pictures present Halloween.

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This is a theatre review-----Murfreesboro TN Wynnsong 16 10/30/12

By raysfan12571
This movie is obviously a CLASSIC, but one would never have known by the EMBARRASSING POOR TURNOUT at the Murfreesboro Tennessee Wynnsong 16 theatre. There was no mention on the marqee outside, not...

Still Holds Up

By rjstoyles
It was a thrill and a mark off the old bucket list to see this on the big screen ( I was only 7 when it first came out). I'm not sure this film gets the accolades it deserves through taking what...

Halloween (1978)

By senn1234
What a treat to be able to see this in the theater for the first time ever! Keep these classics coming!...

Halloween was PERFECT!!!

By swatley65
I was 8 when the movie came out and when I saw it for the first time in theaters. It was such a great experience seeing it again on the big screen! It brought back so many memories, this movie is...

The One...The Only...The Classic...HALLOWEEN!

By AngusGibson
Often imitated, never duplicated. Halloween is an original in its own right. No, it is not the original slasher film; Psycho had come out a generation before. Nor was it the original stalker film....


By briansm1976
I was only 1 yr old when the original Halloween was released. Years later I developed a love for it and the other villains for which Michael Myers paved the road. 10 yrs ago I did not realized the...

The greatest movie ever made just got better.

By Yankfan42
Was anything different about it???? ^^^^ no it was just the greatest movie ever made on a big goddamn screen. The only problem I had was the theater only played it once. Yeah I totally would've gone...

Halloween (1978), never gets old....

By Keatz112
This is not the first time I have seen this film nor will it be the last time. It is the first time for me seeing it on the big screen and it was well worth the wait. This is still a classic film...


By krissypoo
Horrible experience at AMC 25 in NYC. The sound was terrible: faint, and thin sounding and NO sound at all for about 5 minutes of the film. Plus there was NO documentary. Upon complaints, we got...

This move is, was and forever..............

By TakerWWE12
will be EPIC! I was SO EXCITED when I heard the studio / producers were going to release this on the big screen. Since I am almost 27, there would have been NO other way for me to see this in the...

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