Halloween (2007) Synopsis
A psychiatrist follows an escaped psychopath's blood-soaked trail back to his hometown.
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Not Perfect, but then again, neither was the original.

By Cavatica
Rob Zombie stated that he likes endings, and that Hollywood will usually always try to go after a sequel. That said, Halloween's a great visionary one shot. Halloween takes Carpenter and Hill's...

I Have Actually Seen The Film

By directoronset
And its definitely something that many Halloween fans will hail RobZombie for, for a long time to come. He has definitely made it his own, especially with little Michael, played very well by Daeg...

This is not a remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the_chris
People need to stop called this fim a remake because it is not. Rob Zombie specifically stated that "this is a retelling of the story and not a remake in anyway shape or form, so please do not...

Back to Basics

By daisyc2nd
Zombie is going back to stage one. It will be his take on how it all started. It will be raw and rough around the edges. There will be more of an explanation of what happened to michael's" brain"....

By ismaeltorres514
This movie made a very good remake PERIOD!!!...


By tklp_777
I very much enjoyed this movie, sure there was cursing, and nudity in it, but when you look movies up it tells you what all is in the movie...Eg. Strong Brutal bloody violence and terror throughout,...


By JEanisepnyc
The first question i thought when i heard this movie was being made was simply WHY? Anyways, I seen the promotional dvd of this movie on August 28 and let me tell you.. I wish I didn't. WHY ?...Every...

Better than original, sheds light on the unaswered questions from the original

By doohickey
First off, for all of the morons that write a review here, giving this a low rating because "it is not appropriate for children due to the sex and blood and gore"...DUH. Any parent that would take...

great family film

By sexyblondqt5555
this movie was GREAT my children and i loved it the story line was wonderful and full of magic something to bring the whole family too great bed time story amazing for putting the little kiddes to...

whats the best way to desbribe watching this

By zachout
Oh yeah, about as much fun as masturbating with a cheese grater. Rob Zombie writes these scripts with retardedly horrible dialogue. Every one has heard foul language before, but Rob Zombie must think...

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Rated R | For strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Teen slasher flick remake is brutal and bloody.
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