Not Perfect, but then again, neither was the original.

By Cavatica
Written August 31, 2007
Rob Zombie stated that he likes endings, and that Hollywood will usually always try to go after a sequel. That said, Halloween's a great visionary one shot. Halloween takes Carpenter and Hill's story and makes it his own, giving Michael Myers a bit of backstory that fleshed out the character a little more. The shocks are intense, and the deaths are gruesome. There are so many cameos here - Dee Wallace, Udo Kier, William Forsythe, but the three standouts are Sheri Moon Zombie as Mike's Mom, Danny Trejo as the superintendent who befriends Michael, and Danielle Harris, who returns to the Halloween saga as Annie instead of Jamie. She was really great here. The kid who played Michael was also good. Bottom line, It's just a slightly different version of of the original Haddonfield story, and while it does get a little strange near the end, the remake comes across much better than it has a right to, when compared to The Fog or other remakes that have come out recently.
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I Have Actually Seen The Film

By directoronset
Written August 28, 2007
And its definitely something that many Halloween fans will hail RobZombie for, for a long time to come. He has definitely made it his own, especially with little Michael, played very well by Daeg Faerch, and the new life of Dr. Loomis. McDowell puts a new energy into Loomis that Pleasance did not give us, and he sometimes teeters on the verge of insane himself. And we all have wondered about the new Laurie. Well, considering her first few seconds on screen she is making sexual remarks to her mother about the hardware store owner, you can pretty much guess how our little Laurie has gotten updated. She's got spunk, and Scout Taylor-Compton is going to become a pretty big star pretty fast. She's a REAL teenager, unlike her friends, Lynda and Annie, both played perfectly well however by Annie (Danielle Harris who is almost 30) and Kristina Klebe who is in her 20's. THE FILM IS GREAT, TOTALLY NEW, PERFECTLY CRAFTED, SOMETHING TO SAVOR FOR EVERY HALLOWEEN FAN. Just dont compare.
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This is not a remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the_chris
Written September 01, 2007
People need to stop called this fim a remake because it is not. Rob Zombie specifically stated that "this is a retelling of the story and not a remake in anyway shape or form, so please do not compare this film to any of the originals". But what do people do? They keep calling it a remake and judging it based on the original, because they aren't educated enough to do research on a film before they go and see it. Those of you who are out there writing bad reviews and aren't intelligent enough to see past your own superficiallity and shallowness need to shut your mouths. Leave the critiquing to the people who actually eat, sleep, and breath horror movies. I'm not even going to bother writing my review of this film but am now going to use it to bash the morons of this reveiw forum. Some of you bashed this film, simply because it gave the earlier history of Michael Meyers.How does it feel to be that one dimensional? The idea of a complex horror film must make you fell like a simpleton
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Back to Basics

By daisyc2nd
Written August 28, 2007
Zombie is going back to stage one. It will be his take on how it all started. It will be raw and rough around the edges. There will be more of an explanation of what happened to michael's" brain". Maybe he is the true antichrist. As Loomis says, "YOU CAN'T KILL EVIL!" Zombie has a way of putting a special filthy 1970's edge on his films. I love it! Zombie is a genius in the art of horror. This is not going to be a waste of time. I think everyone should go dressed as a character from the movie on the opening night. This is going to rock!
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By ismaeltorres514
Written October 18, 2013
This movie made a very good remake PERIOD!!!
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