By blarosal
Written January 26, 2008
over the years this movie franchise has become just awful shame on rob zombie for trying to remake a perfect film.Yes,there are plot holes and unexpained scenes,but that is why its so creepy,I saw this movie on amc last night.
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By zachrules00
Written July 29, 2015
Halloween was the weakest scary movie I have seen I mean seriously kill after kill after what kill
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Written October 18, 2007
This is easily the greatest horror film of all time! Everything this movie did, was and is, a standard in the genre! From the killer not being able to be killed to the camera being what the killer sees is truly the most influential directorial choice in the history of horror films! This movie started it all! There has been only "copy cats" since! This movie has a wonderful and magnetic story to it too! Its not just a movie that makes you jump and scream. Its pace is absolutely GENIUS as well! There are movies like The Godfather 1 & 2, Schindler's List, It's A Wonderful Life..to name a few.... that demand the word MASTERPIECE when describing its accomplishment.....This movie folks, simply put, IS A MASTERPIECE!
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Halloween (1978) review

By Therumrunner5
Written August 03, 2015
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By lugubriousthespian
Written March 02, 2009
If Alfred Hitchcock originated the slasher genre with PSYCHO in 1960. then John Carpenter certainly updated and re-energized in 1978 with this mega sleeper hit HALLOWEEN. Countless imitations and too many sequels and remakes not even worth mentioning, this landmark film still packs a nightmarish wallop no matter how many times you see it as it is relentlessly paced. And it's intrinsically classic horror elements of mounting dread and claustrophobic anxiety meshed with a galvanized storyline of a escaped deranged killer returning to his hometown on the fateful titular night are superbly executed within the confines of a small indie film of polish and refined production values. Jamie Lee Curtis make s an impressive debut here as the haunted Laurie and Donal Plesence is rivetingly bizarre as modern sort of Dr. Van Helsing who sets out to track down his patient gone berserk. You will be unsettled for days thinking about this eerie horror film!
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