Hal Le Roy

Worked With

Year Name Title
1980 Crispin Glover Private Lessons
1980 Howard Hesseman Private Lessons
1980 Carroll Baker Private Lessons
1980 Ed Begley, Jr. Private Lessons
1951 Bud Abbott The Colgate Comedy Hour: January 7, 1951
1951 Lou Costello The Colgate Comedy Hour: January 7, 1951
1940 Jay Silverheels Too Many Girls
1940 Ann Miller Too Many Girls
1940 Grady Sutton Too Many Girls
1940 Richard Carlson Too Many Girls
1940 Douglas Walton Too Many Girls
1940 Frances Langford Too Many Girls
1940 Lucille Ball Too Many Girls
1940 Desi Arnaz Too Many Girls
1940 Eddie Bracken Too Many Girls
1940 Van Johnson Too Many Girls
1940 Iron Eyes Cody Too Many Girls
1939 Betty Hutton Public Jitterbug No. 1
1938 Raymond Walburn Start Cheering
1938 Minerva Urecal Start Cheering
1938 Larry Fine Start Cheering
1938 Louis Prima Start Cheering
1938 Charles Starrett Start Cheering
1938 Ernest Truex Start Cheering
1938 Moe Howard Start Cheering
1938 Gene Morgan Start Cheering
1938 Walter Connolly Start Cheering
1938 Jimmy Durante Start Cheering
1938 Broderick Crawford Start Cheering
1934 Guy Kibbee Harold Teen
1934 Douglas Dumbrille Harold Teen
1934 Rochelle Hudson Harold Teen
1934 Clara Blandick Harold Teen
1934 Hugh Herbert Harold Teen
1934 Grace Hayle Wonder Bar
1934 Alphonse Martell Wonder Bar
1934 Henry O'Neill Wonder Bar
1934 Ricardo Cortez Wonder Bar
1934 George Irving Wonder Bar
1934 Henry Kolker Wonder Bar
1934 Rolfe Sedan Wonder Bar
1934 Al Jolson Wonder Bar
1934 Guy Kibbee Wonder Bar
1934 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Wonder Bar
1934 Dennis O'Keefe Wonder Bar
1934 Dick Powell Wonder Bar
1934 William Stack Wonder Bar
1934 Kay Francis Wonder Bar
1934 Hugh Herbert Wonder Bar
1934 Jane Darwell Wonder Bar
1934 Dolores Del Rio Wonder Bar
1934 Ruth Donnelly Wonder Bar
1934 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Wonder Bar
1934 Louise Fazenda Wonder Bar
1934 Fifi D'Orsay Wonder Bar
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