Still smiling!

By Celluplebe
Written March 01, 2014
I came to this movie with a little trepidation. Comedies can go flat so easily. Not because they aren't funny, but because they don't inspire, because they need more than humor. This movie had so much more I hate to call it a comedy! This film was lovely, warm, endearing, smart-funny, and it struck a universal chord of the yearning adolescent in me. I relished the coming of age sweetness between Wolff and Garner; related all too well to the underdog, nerd quiz team, laughed with the smart, stylized, humor, and I really appreciated the unpretentious display of heart and wit. To say it was a feel good movie is too trite; coming of age, too important; buddy comedy too limiting. The movie crossed genres without losing its integrity and uplifted without being self-important. I found the movie genuine in its humanity, I laughed out loud and wore a big smile throughout. Well acted and directed, wonderfully underplayed in a genre known for the opposite.
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Funny, intelligent and entertaining.

By rbenjam
Written March 04, 2014
A smart comedy that has some understated acting, funny bits and a story which hits home (and school!). Great for all ages.
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