Hail, Caesar! Synopsis
A Hollywood fixer (Josh Brolin) springs into action when a movie star (George Clooney) gets kidnapped and an actress becomes pregnant.
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*** A Truly Incomprehensible Mess ***

By skylerwebstuff
Easily the worst Cohen brothers film to date. It's a meandering, unfunny, disjointed, alienating mess of a movie. The good actors are disappointingly wasted, and the anonymous actors, like the plot,...

Satire feast with a side of warm tribute

By chessbarberis
Hail, Caesar! makes so much fun of Hollywood, of post-WW II America, and of what movies have depicted of our culture--multiple viewings may be required! You will love this movie MORE if you have...

Hail Caesar

By jduncan276
Far from a good comedy it was billed to be, terrible in fact and surprised Clooney took part in this picture, definitely not worth the time or price of a ticket, really, really bad!...

By notes2shannon
Horribly boring...

Better ways to spend my time/money.

By evanhiltzik00
The movie was meh. I personally didn't like it, I can see how someone could. Too many plots going on at one time, many things just make you ask "why is X happening while Y is going on? Why is Z even...

Is there a no star rating option

By eberry6454206
I thought with such a huge A-list cast that the movie would be great but, I was wrong. It had a couple of funny lines but, as a whole this was the worst movie I think I've ever ver seen. I don't even...

If you are older, it's great fun

By drubin4248
For younger audiences who never had the true wonder of Esther Williams movies with the sky view of the synchronized swimming, or of the wonderful post WWII musicals, the hokey singing cowboy western,...

Hail... Not funny.

By Fan1966
Do not waste your money to go see this movie. Don't even rent it when it goes to video. Ignore the critics!...

Hail, Caesar--I liked it!

By gundyandkaren
This is a funny movie, but maybe it depends on your age. In one of the many negative reviews on this site someone mentioned that anyone under 65 wouldn't get the jokes. Since I'm 70 I decided to see...

Not Funny

By Joey Dango
This was such a huge disappointment and waste of money. I could only stomach an hour of it....

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Rated PG-13 | For Some suggestive content and smoking.
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Common Sense Media says Coen brothers' madcap, funny take on old Hollywood.
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