Hacksaw Ridge Synopsis
U.S. Army medic Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) saves 75 men during World War II's Battle of Okinawa.
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Amazing Film.

By Kelsey1111
This film was intense. It takes you on an experience of the World War 2 through the experience of Desmond Doss. Intense, full of emotion, and stunning action; all of which really captures the power...

Truly Inspirational

By rgiller
One of the most moving, intense and inspirational movies I've ever seen! The story epitomizes why WWII soldiers were deemed to be America's Greatest Generation!...


By Fhmakaylaw
This movie is amazing, best war movie recently!...

Awesome movie

By jobelleanderson
I am a catholic but I go to seventh adventist church. Prayer is very powerful. The movie is an inspiration to everybody that no matter how difficult it may be, never leave your comrades behind....


By steel magnolia44
This movie is quite possibly the best movie I've seen in my life-do NOT miss this film you will not regret it...

Powerful Movie! Superb Acting Directing and Story. Makes You Proud To Be An American.

By mark814
Desmond Doss's story goes against everything the military stands for, yet embodies everything the military is about. Forget the critic's reviews. There is complete silence during the movie. Each...

Desmond Doss was a humble hero!

By sbralley
When I was young Desmond would share his faith and his knowledge of knot tying with my youth club at summer camp outs. He was always humble and deflected any praise sent his way. This movie...

Hacksaw Ridge

By musicmamajae
Kudos to Mel Gibson for presenting this moving, honest, and true story of a man who stood up for what he believed through the realities and brutalities of war. Beautifully filmed and acted, this is...

Wow! So engaging, and I don't usually like war movies

By mistymiglorin
I've fallen asleep in almost every war movie I've ever watched, but that would have been impossible with Hacksaw Ridge. The movie was so engaging, especially in the latter half with all the battle...

Not as Cheesy as Expected

By stanasjes
There were definitely some scenes that were cringy, or cheesy, but I got over it very fast. The war scenes are great. The gore was comparable to saving private ryan, but had alot more screen time....

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Rated R | For Grisly Bloody Images and Graphic War Violence
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Common Sense Media says True story of pacifist soldier has extreme war violence.
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