Gwen Lee
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1904

Worked With

Year Name Title
1938 Rosalind Russell Man-Proof
1938 Walter Pidgeon Man-Proof
1938 William Stack Man-Proof
1938 Franchot Tone Man-Proof
1938 Dorothy Vaughan Man-Proof
1938 Oscar O'Shea Man-Proof
1938 Grace Hayle Man-Proof
1938 Betty Blythe Man-Proof
1938 Rita Johnson Man-Proof
1938 Myrna Loy Man-Proof
1938 Ruth Hussey Man-Proof
1938 Milburn Stone Paroled from the Big House
1937 Oscar O'Shea Double Wedding
1937 John Miller Double Wedding
1937 George Guhl Double Wedding
1937 William Powell Double Wedding
1937 Edgar Kennedy Double Wedding
1937 Mary Gordon Double Wedding
1937 Myrna Loy Double Wedding
1937 Donald Meek Double Wedding
1937 Florence Rice Double Wedding
1937 Josephine Whittell Double Wedding
1937 Sidney Toler Double Wedding
1937 Doodles Weaver Double Wedding
1937 John Beal Double Wedding
1937 Spencer Tracy Mannequin
1937 Leo Gorcey Mannequin
1937 Alan Curtis Mannequin
1937 Joan Crawford Mannequin
1937 Elizabeth Risdon Mannequin
1937 Granville Bates Mannequin
1937 Paul Fix Mannequin
1937 Frank Jaquet Mannequin
1937 Ralph Morgan Mannequin
1937 Oscar O'Shea Mannequin
1937 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Maureen O'Sullivan My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Walter Pidgeon My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Edna May Oliver My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 John Farrell MacDonald My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Rita Johnson My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Leonid Kinskey My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Carl Stockdale My Dear Miss Aldrich
1937 Paul Harvey My Dear Miss Aldrich
1935 Charles Starrett One in a Million
1935 Dorothy Wilson One in a Million
1935 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams One in a Million
1934 Henry B. Walthall City Park
1934 Dorothy Wilson Dangerous Appointment
1934 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Dangerous Appointment
1934 Charles Starrett Dangerous Appointment
1933 Mischa Auer Corruption
1933 Tully Marshall Corruption
1933 Huntly Gordon Corruption
1933 Preston S. Foster Corruption
1932 Henry B. Walthall Alias Mary Smith
1932 Myrtle Stedman Alias Mary Smith
1932 Raymond Hatton Alias Mary Smith
1932 Ben Hall Alias Mary Smith
1932 Huntly Gordon Broadway to Cheyenne
1932 Harry Semels Broadway to Cheyenne
1932 George "Gabby" Hayes Broadway to Cheyenne
1932 Lila Lee The Intruder
1932 Mischa Auer The Intruder
1932 Monte Blue The Intruder
1932 Beryl Mercer Midnight Morals
1931 Walter Miller The Galloping Ghost [Serial]
1931 Tom Dugan The Galloping Ghost [Serial]
1931 Stepin Fetchit The Galloping Ghost [Serial]
1931 Edward Peil Sr. The Galloping Ghost [Serial]
1931 Fred "Snowflake" Toones The Galloping Ghost [Serial]
1931 Beryl Mercer Inspiration
1931 Greta Garbo Inspiration
1931 Clara Blandick Inspiration
1931 Robert Montgomery Inspiration
1931 Lewis Stone Inspiration
1931 Phillips Smalley The Lawless Woman
1931 William Farnum Pagan Lady
1931 Conrad Nagel Pagan Lady
1931 Evelyn Brent Pagan Lady
1931 Roland Young Pagan Lady
1931 Charles Bickford Pagan Lady
1931 Purnell Pratt Traveling Husbands
1931 Frank McHugh Traveling Husbands
1931 Constance Cummings Traveling Husbands
1931 Hugh Herbert Traveling Husbands
1931 Evelyn Brent Traveling Husbands
1931 Stanley Fields Traveling Husbands
1931 Hedda Hopper West of Broadway
1931 John Gilbert West of Broadway
1931 Frank Conroy West of Broadway
1931 Ralph Bellamy West of Broadway
1931 Madge Evans West of Broadway
1930 Marie Dressler Caught Short
1930 Roscoe Ates Caught Short
1930 Greta Granstedt Caught Short
1930 Owen Moore Extravagance
1930 June Collyer Extravagance
1930 Karl Dane Free and Easy
1930 Lionel Barrymore Free and Easy
1930 Edgar Dearing Free and Easy
1930 Ann Dvorak Free and Easy
1930 Edward S. Brophy Free and Easy
1930 Dorothy Sebastian Free and Easy
1930 Buster Keaton Free and Easy
1930 William Haines Free and Easy
1930 Robert Montgomery Free and Easy
1930 Fred Niblo Free and Easy
1930 Cliff Edwards Lord Byron of Broadway
1930 Benny Rubin Lord Byron of Broadway
1930 Ann Dvorak Lord Byron of Broadway
1930 Robert Montgomery Our Blushing Brides
1930 Claire Dodd Our Blushing Brides
1930 Edward S. Brophy Our Blushing Brides
1930 Hedda Hopper Our Blushing Brides
1930 Louise Beavers Our Blushing Brides
1930 Dorothy Sebastian Our Blushing Brides
1930 Joan Crawford Our Blushing Brides
1930 Marie Prevost Paid
1930 Isabel Withers Paid
1930 Purnell Pratt Paid
1930 Edward S. Brophy Paid
1930 Robert Armstrong Paid
1930 Joan Crawford Paid
1929 Marie Dressler Chasing Rainbows
1929 Jack Benny Chasing Rainbows
1929 Bessie Love Chasing Rainbows
1929 Sam Hardy Fast Company
1929 Evelyn Brent Fast Company
1929 Jack Oakie Fast Company
1929 Oliver Hardy Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Nils Asther Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Cliff Edwards Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 John Gilbert Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Lionel Barrymore Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Jack Benny Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Conrad Nagel Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Bessie Love Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 William Haines Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Marie Dressler Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Buster Keaton Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Ann Dvorak Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Stan Laurel Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Norma Shearer Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Joan Crawford Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Karl Dane Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 Marion Davies Hollywood Revue of 1929
1929 George Jessel Lucky Boy
1929 Glenda Farrell Lucky Boy
1929 William Gargan Lucky Boy
1929 Charles Sellon The Man and the Moment
1929 Billie Dove The Man and the Moment
1929 Rod La Rocque The Man and the Moment
1929 Joan Crawford Untamed
1929 Ernest Torrence Untamed
1929 Robert Montgomery Untamed
1928 Owen Moore The Actress
1928 O.P. Heggie The Actress
1928 Norma Shearer The Actress
1928 Robert Armstrong The Baby Cyclone
1928 Eleanor Boardman Diamond Handcuffs
1928 Conrad Nagel Diamond Handcuffs
1928 Sam Hardy Diamond Handcuffs
1928 Lowell Sherman A Lady of Chance
1928 Johnny Mack Brown A Lady of Chance
1928 Norma Shearer A Lady of Chance
1928 Nils Asther Laugh, Clown, Laugh
1928 Lon Chaney Laugh, Clown, Laugh
1928 Loretta Young Laugh, Clown, Laugh
1928 Randolph Scott Sharp Shooters
1928 George O'Brien Sharp Shooters
1928 Josef Swickard Sharp Shooters
1928 William Demarest Sharp Shooters
1928 Tom Dugan Sharp Shooters
1928 James Finlayson Show Girl
1928 Alice White Show Girl
1927 Hedda Hopper Adam and Evil
1927 Norma Shearer After Midnight
1927 Conrad Nagel Heaven on Earth
1927 Colleen Moore Her Wild Oat
1927 Loretta Young Her Wild Oat
1927 Sam Hardy Orchids and Ermine
1927 Jack Mulhall Orchids and Ermine
1927 Colleen Moore Orchids and Ermine
1927 Mickey Rooney Orchids and Ermine
1927 Hedda Hopper Orchids and Ermine
1927 Dorothy Sebastian Twelve Miles Out
1927 Warren William Twelve Miles Out
1927 John Gilbert Twelve Miles Out
1927 Edward Earle Twelve Miles Out
1927 Joan Crawford Twelve Miles Out
1927 Ernest Torrence Twelve Miles Out
1927 Betty Compson Twelve Miles Out
1927 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Women Love Diamonds
1927 Lionel Barrymore Women Love Diamonds
1927 Owen Moore Women Love Diamonds
1926 Norma Shearer Upstage
1925 Karl Dane His Secretary
1925 Willard Louis His Secretary
1925 Norma Shearer His Secretary
1925 Clark Gable The Plastic Age
1925 William "Wild Bill" Elliott The Plastic Age
1925 Clara Bow The Plastic Age
1925 David Butler The Plastic Age
1925 Gilbert Roland The Plastic Age
1925 Henry B. Walthall The Plastic Age
1925 Joan Crawford Pretty Ladies
1925 Tom Moore Pretty Ladies
1925 Norma Shearer Pretty Ladies
1925 Lilyan Tashman Pretty Ladies
1925 Myrna Loy Pretty Ladies
1925 Conrad Nagel Pretty Ladies
1925 ZaSu Pitts Pretty Ladies
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