Guy Doleman
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1923
Birth Place:
New Zealand

Worked With

Year Name Title
1992 Lloyd Bochner Murder, She Wrote: Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief
1990 Stephen Tobolowsky Tagget
1990 Daniel J. Travanti Tagget
1990 Lincoln Kilpatrick Tagget
1982 Wendy Hughes Flash Fire
1982 Tom Skerritt Flash Fire
1982 James Mason Flash Fire
1968 Honor Blackman A Twist of Sand
1968 Jeremy Kemp A Twist of Sand
1968 Roy Dotrice A Twist of Sand
1968 Clifford Evans A Twist of Sand
1967 Susan George Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Michael Caine Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Oscar Homolka Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Françoise Dorléac Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Donald Sutherland Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Karl Malden Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Ed Begley, Sr. Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Patrick McGoohan The Prisoner: The Arrival
1966 Frank Finlay The Deadly Bees
1966 Michael Ripper The Deadly Bees
1966 Michael Caine Funeral in Berlin
1966 Oscar Homolka Funeral in Berlin
1966 Marthe Keller Funeral in Berlin
1966 Oliver Reed The Girl Getters
1966 David Hemmings The Girl Getters
1966 Harry Andrews The Girl Getters
1966 Michael Parks The Idol
1966 Jennifer Jones The Idol
1965 Gordon Jackson The Ipcress File
1965 Michael Caine The Ipcress File
1965 Nigel Green The Ipcress File
1965 Reginald Beckwith Thunderball
1965 Roland Culver Thunderball
1965 Adolfo Celi Thunderball
1965 Sean Connery Thunderball
1965 Lois Maxwell Thunderball
1965 Edward Underdown Thunderball
1965 Bernard Lee Thunderball
1965 Martine Beswicke Thunderball
1965 Desmond Llewelyn Thunderball
1963 James Dobson Captain Sindbad
1963 Maurice Marsac Captain Sindbad
1963 Bernie Hamilton Captain Sindbad
1963 Henry Brandon Captain Sindbad
1963 Pedro Armendáriz Captain Sindbad
1962 Honor Blackman Avengers: Six Hands Across A Table
1962 Patrick Macnee Avengers: Six Hands Across A Table
1959 Fred Astaire On the Beach
1959 Anthony Perkins On the Beach
1959 Richard Webb On the Beach
1959 Ava Gardner On the Beach
1959 Gregory Peck On the Beach
1958 Sybil Thorndike Smiley Gets a Gun
1958 Chips Rafferty Smiley Gets a Gun
1956 John McCallum Smiley
1956 Chips Rafferty Smiley
1956 Ralph Richardson Smiley
1954 Sam Harris Dial M for Murder
1954 Robert Cummings Dial M for Murder
1954 Ray Milland Dial M for Murder
1954 Grace Kelly Dial M for Murder
1953 Burt Lancaster His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Andre Morell His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Benson Fong His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Charles Horvath His Majesty O'Keefe
1953 Chips Rafferty The Phantom Stockman
1952 Finlay Currie Kangaroo
1952 Richard Boone Kangaroo
1952 Peter Lawford Kangaroo
1952 Maureen O'Hara Kangaroo
1952 Chips Rafferty Kangaroo
1950 Douglas Dumbrille The Kangaroo Kid
1950 Jock Mahoney The Kangaroo Kid
1950 Veda Ann Borg The Kangaroo Kid
1950 Martha Hyer The Kangaroo Kid
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