Gus Lynch

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Tim Blake Nelson Snake & Mongoo$e
2013 John Heard Snake & Mongoo$e
2010 Harvey Keitel The Last Godfather
2010 Jon Polito The Last Godfather
2005 Sissy Spacek North Country
2005 Charlize Theron North Country
2005 Woody Harrelson North Country
2005 Frances McDormand North Country
2005 Richard Jenkins North Country
2005 Sean Bean North Country
2002 Diana Scarwid A Guy Thing
2002 James Brolin A Guy Thing
2002 Julie Hagerty A Guy Thing
2002 Julia Stiles A Guy Thing
2002 Jason Lee A Guy Thing
2002 William Sanderson A Guy Thing
2002 Robert Costanzo MVP2: Most Vertical Primate
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