Better than Orginal-Very Funny-Not for kids under 12

By shakesmcgillicutty
Written January 03, 2011
This movie is way better than the original, much funnier and very clever. However, Gulliver's Travel is for the 12+ crowd. I brought my 7 yr old son. Although I'm sure he didn't learn anything new, I cringed several times at what he was hearing. The humor was a bit crass, with language such as, "I'm a big lame ass", "It blows", "Wanna shoot some poos, go for some brews?", "Hey sexy", "Stone cold fox" and "I find you incredibly sexy". There's also a boat named "Ship Happens." In one scene the princess asks her fiancee what he likes about her and he points to her breasts. When Gulliver falls on the ground, he lands on an unfortunate Lilliputian. It's apparent that the little man goes inside Gulliver's bottom (gross!). There's also a scene where Gulliver puts out a fire by urinating on a building and several people. Overall, I liked the movie for me and would have no problem taking my 12 year old niece, but NOT my 7 yr old.
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Not funny

By Bealeiderman
Written January 02, 2011
Jack Black can play just one character in every single movie, and it is getting old.
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I was gullible to see this movie

By akmoose1970
Written December 27, 2010
save your money
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By deuts711
Written January 01, 2011
The movie is a silly rendition of the classic Gullivers Travels. Jack Blck acted his role well and so did the supporting cast. The silliness renders it appropriate for young and old alike. A good family movie.
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Totally Funny

By superflickster
Written February 03, 2011
I took my 9 & 11 yr. old children and laughed the whole way through. All the acting was great. Special effects and cinematography were awesome. Would have liked more 3D effects.. but all in all a fun film to watch.
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