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Big Fun

By mbowman928
Written January 01, 2011
This movie has been getting an average review but it is really good, well if you like Jack Black then you gotta go see it!
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By baileystar1014
Written December 27, 2010
I just loved this movie! Myself and my father went to see it and laughed so hard! There were some moments when I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard! My dad even said he was laughing his butt off afterwards. We LOVED it! Defiantly go see it!
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Gulliver's Travels (2010) [ imagined environmental subtexts with spoiler alerts ]

By ravevisuals
Written December 28, 2010
Gulliver's Travels (2010), a larger than life analysis. In the film we see a distinct dichotomy between the little people and the big people. The film excels in the reversal of these roles pivoting upon the same characters. The point being we need both all of us and the celebrities to work together to salvage the planet by making quick radical change to our lifestyle and environment to make the air, sea and land cleaner and more like the golf and polo courses as depicted on the island. With so much natural disaster, toxic waste, crumbling military infrastructure and fixation on the dirty aspects of life it seems to be an uphill battle, but perhaps if we can all re-imagine that pristine playground we experienced as children or even a pleasant beach. If each of us don't start to care, We soon may cease to be.
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A PG movie at 6:30

By ciaobello
Written December 28, 2010
My adult son and I caught a movie at 6:30 and Gulliver's Travels was playing so we decided on it. We both thought it was entertaining and lively. One scene has Gulliver's pants sliding down in the back. He recommended the movie to a friend of his. I tried to tell him the movie is based on a fable but couldn't tell him much more than that I'm afraid. It's definitely a present day twist.
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Five Word Review

By sole63
Written December 30, 2010
Really wasn't bad nice ending
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