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Best movie all year

By Nate8282
Written January 15, 2017
Very funny, great action and visual effects, yet still have some serious spots that surprise you.
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By garrettwest77
Written January 15, 2017
Was not expecting it to be this hilarious. I laughed at least every five minutes and cried laughing twice. The characters are genuinely interesting and the entire movie was an action packed thriller that never took itself too seriously. Great movie. Would see it again. Recommend seeing this movie ASAP.
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Best Movie Ever Made

By apf444
Written January 15, 2017
I believe in God now
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"Over Kill" on the ads and TV talk shows.

By BillyNYC
Written November 20, 2014
The 3D only has one shining moment (so much Groot in my face!) but by-and-large it doesn’t earn the upsell. The projection I saw was frustratingly dark as a result of the cheapo glasses handed to me. Also, this movie is a little heavy for kids. It opens with scenes of a mom dying of cancer and has more than its share of S-bombs. Something to consider if you were hoping to bring the young ‘uns. But for those in the 13-year-old age range? Forgetaboutit. They’ll be saying “I am Groot!” from now til Christmas. --- This is Billy Amato in NYC (BillyNYC).
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Not your normal Marvel flick, but...

By brandonhill288
Written November 03, 2014
From the trailers, one should already assume that Guardians of the Galaxy is not your normal Marvel flick. Instead of trying to outperform prior Marvel blockbusters while still tying neatly in the Avengers cinematic universe, we're given a raucous albeit very fun ride with our band of misfit heros, and an end credits scene (which every fan anxiously waits for after every Marvel movie) that perfectly reminds you of what this movie is, and why it's great. It's hard to describe, but I had a blast watching this movie, would see it again in theaters, and will definitely make my collection. It's a great way to wrap up the summer movie season after such serious installments like Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Days of Future Past. It might not be a memorable one for most in the long run, but I'm sure you'll have fun.
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