A pair of scientists have their beliefs shaken while studying a holy relic in this inspirational drama. Jose Maria (Aleix Albareda) and his sister Mercedes (Ivana Miño) are archeologists who have been given a grant to study the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in which Juan Diego (José Carlos Ruiz), an ordinary man living near the hill of Tepeyac, saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in December of 1531. The apparition urged Juan to build a house of worship on the hill; he approached a bishop, Father Juan de Zumarraga, with the news of his vision, but the holy man was wary of Juan's story and demanded further proof. The Virgin returned to Juan and urged him to gather a bouquet of winter roses to present to the bishop; when he did, the petals fell on the bishop's apron, leaving behind an iconic portrait of the Virgin. Jose and Mercedes are eager to determine how much of this story has a basis in fact and how much is fiction; they travel to Tepeyac to study the artifacts of the legend firsthand, but their study has an impact upon them that neither had expected. Guadalupe was produced to coincide with the 475th anniversary of the Guadalupe apparition, and was created with the participation of leading members of the Mexican Catholic clergy. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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