Grown Ups 2

By Tulie76
Written September 13, 2013
My husband & I went to see this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it! Missed seeing, Rob Snieder's character, but all in all... we enjoyed this sequel much better than the original. Let's just say we laughed our @&$es off!!! HILARIOUS! Would definitely recommend this to other movie goers.... ESPECIALLY to those that enjoy a good laugh! :D
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Grown Ups 2

By ABking57
Written July 20, 2013
Slapstick all the way. Typical Adam Sandler film with a million laughs but not much plot. Adults will enjoy but it's not appropriate for children in my opinion.
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Save your money

By Jpg05
Written July 31, 2013
This movie is an insult to comedies. What a terrible movie! When it comes to comedies I don't care much about plots or morale of the story type of stuff. That being said, i give it a free pass when it comes to the plot, because there is none in this movie. Not only is the plot missing but so is the comedy. I think throughout the whole movie I somewhat let out one small laugh, other than that it was not funny at all. Don't waste your money and time on this junk.
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Worthy Sequel

By esiegel76
Written July 12, 2013
This was a solid sequel to the first movie, with an all-star cast that delivers. This is exactly the type of film it should be....a silly comedy that's anything but serious. Don't try to make sense of the plot, just sit back and enjoy the jokes. The core cast (Sandler, Rock, Spade and James) is great as always, but some of my favorite moments were from the supporting cast. For example...I love that, as famous as Steve Buscemi is these days, he still takes the time to relax and do a completely silly comedy. He's got some really funny moments in this movie...classic Buscemi. All the guest appearances by the SNL cast are great too. If you're looking for a serious movie to analyze and critique, don't go see this movie. If you're looking for a good time where you can check out reality and laugh out loud for 101 minutes, this movie is for you.
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Boring with some humor

By darrellr1
Written July 27, 2013
I give it a C+. There were some humorous moment, but overall boring! My wife thought it was hilarious because she really like Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.
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