Funny but not like the first!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Dillon B
Written May 31, 2016
I walked into this film and was expecting a good, hysterical time but it was a funny movie and made me laugh a few times. The actor that made me laugh the most was of course Adam Sandler. I walked into the movie and saw a lot of little kids and don't bring your kids even it's PG-13 because it has a lot of crude content and some language thats not appropriate for kids under 13. But if you want to get out of the hot, blistering weather go see it.
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By nfrustaci
Written July 17, 2013
While there were some very amusing parts to this movie I felt that there was no plot. It was a weird opening to the movie and quite frankly the acting was a little soap opera. Since I enjoyed the 1st one so much I was hoping for the same type of movie. Not worth the movie pricing. Wait for it to come out on DVD
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Not As Good As the First !!

By rbabybubba
Written March 06, 2015
I Saw Grown Ups 2 the other Day. It had some Really Funny Parts of Course, but it Just wasn't as Funny as the First One :( It felt like they were Trying Too Hard to Fit in all Sort of Things Jokes , Story Line Etc.. Don't Get me Wrong Wasn't a Stinker ,But Don't Expect a Laugh a Minute Movie :)
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Grown Ups 2 – not fit for children or teens

By globalreach
Written July 13, 2013
Overall too crude for children. Thought this one would be funny with a bit of rude humor like the first, but I was disappointed. Some scenes are very funny, but other parts of the movie go beyond to just plain lewd. One of the funniest jokes threaded throughout is Kevin James’ character burp-sneeze-fart, which is hilarious to 12-year-olds. The scenes where teens and 20-somethings bully adults are all too real (not funny), but still acceptable in dark comedy. However, the animal cruelty and hard-core sex humor derailed what otherwise could have been a very funny movie.
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By mdmymd
Written August 04, 2013
I had not seen the original, and thought, that with the cast, it would be a good pick, and so didn't check the reviews. An unfortunate omission. It was worse than childish, it was a pathetic substitution of scat humor (?) for real comedy. There was no discernable plot, only a series of gags bulit on various bodily functions. We opted to exit less than halfway through to go home and watch TV instead. Do yourself a favor and miss this one.
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