Wait Until It's in Redbox

By kdross
Written February 26, 2017
There were funny parts, but a great deal of crude comedy geared to adults. Even with the PG-13 rating it pushed the limit. Nowhere as good as the first.
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Grown Ups2

By lisetrigger
Written July 13, 2013
Grown Ups2 was hilarious! Sandler continues to make fun of himself and his friends! Life repeats itself! Full theatre! They say that you "can't go home," but Sandler shows us that you CAN!
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Movie Review

By sallyhosay
Written September 26, 2013
Was enjoying to see and very funny.Me and my oldest son saw this movie. I was almost crying of laughter before middle of the movie.
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Grown Ups 2

By nanny108
Written March 30, 2017
it was what me and my daughter both needed time together and a lot of laughs. We love Adam Sandler he never fails us, along with Kevin James, and Chris Rock. I wasn't crazy about David Spade's character. but overall it was a good movie
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Don't Waste Your Money

By meganhurd
Written July 17, 2013
I loved the first Grown Ups movie, but this one was just horrible. It lacks a storyline, and is definitely not one to take the kids to. Maybe see it when it goes to the $1 movies or comes out on video. I was so disappointed!
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