Grown Ups 2 Synopsis
Lenny (Adam Sandler) has relocated his family back to the small town where he and his friends grew up
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Like its predecessor, Grown Ups 2 is proudly retrograde, both in its relentless deluge of toilet humour and the way it bear-hugs some good...
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By Laremy Legel
A movie of fools, by fools, for fools, Grown Ups 2 is easily forgotten, which isn’t as bad a feature as you’d think.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
You know what you’re going to get, and that is, indeed, what Sandler delivers. It’s juvenile, it’s obvious and it’s crass. But with Sandler...
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Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
It’s another pointless romp through Sandlerland — where the women are buxom, the kids have catch-phrases and the jokes are below average.
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Boston Globe

By Peter Keough
Grown Ups 2 offers a bittersweet paean to childhood and youth and their inevitable loss. Take the case of Adam Sandler. Didn’t he use to be...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
An average Adam Sandler comedy, which, sadly, means it’s a below-average comedy — because whatever comedic fire and bursts of genuinely...
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Miami Herald

By Connie Ogle
It’s bad enough to make you look askance at Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph, all of whom deserve a chance to do something funny...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
The temptation arises to say something nice about Grown Ups 2 just because it doesn't cause injury. But no, it's a bad movie, too, just...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Even as temporary visitors, the audience can feel IQ points slipping away.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
Throughout, gags are cartoonishly broad and afforded so little time for setup and delivery we seem to be watching less a story than a...
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Grown ups 2

By jerryf56
We loved the first one, Grown ups, but this was not even funny and not for kids. The main idea seemed to be Rank Humor that was not even funny. The whole film was a mess From story line to...

Grown Ups 2 Was Hysterical

By Pauline_Field
Totally loved the movie. My husband and I are in our forties and can totally relate to the humor in the movie. Our 19 year old daughter and her boyfriend thought the movie was hilarious as well. ...

Great Fun to be had with Grown Ups 2

By drinkie
From the opening scenes, the team are on track with laughs. This continues for me throughout the movie, and makes for a really enjoyable evenings entertainment. There is just something relaxed and...

grown ups 2

By gcpiano
No No No it is the worst movie I have ever seen. It started out bad and got worse. The so called stars should be very embarrassed to be in this movie....


By fatapplehead82
Oh god it was so bad. I'm 15 and I saw it with my friend and I was cringing the whole time through. This actually made the first one really good in comparison. The plot was bad/ practically...

Laughed throughout

By Scotny7
Don't over think it. This was a Funny Funny Movie. I went with my 2 sons 19 & 17 and we laughed all the way through. I have not laughed like that in years. Adam Sandler and crew made fun of...

Grown Ups 2

By neomitkacz
The absolute worst movie I have ever seen! I kept my head down most of the time hoping no one would recognize me. There was no plot and the whole scenario was so unbelievable-all these old school...

Good for a laugh, but not really that good. Cameos were interesting!

By fhgardnernew
Had a chance to take advantage of the afternoon special prices at a nearby AMC Theatre that's being remodeled into a "lounge" version. We went to a 3:45 pm show and only two other couples were in the...

Grown ups2

By mlabok57
FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY... The bits of sarcasm, mixed in with the theme make it a go see type of movie for a belly full of laughter. Just sit back and enjoy the silliness of it all....

Grown-Ups 2

By spotsparr
I thought it was a great, fun movie. I laughed clear through it. Nice to see a movie with humor and no violence or killing- just funny antics. I'm getting ready to go to my class reunion and it...

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Rated PG-13 | For Language, Crude and Suggestive Content and Some Male Rear Nudity
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Common Sense Media says Crude, sophomoric sequel doesn't improve on original.
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