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Si estas casado con un Americano (Gringo) tines que ver la pelicula

By sabalmatheus
Es interesante ver lo complicado que es adaptarce a alguien que no es de tu mismo pais y peor aun si no habla tu idioma....

It was cute

By OxNikki4xO
This movie was funny.... and good. I liked it and anyone who enjoys a nice comedy should go out and watch it....

It's silly fun with pretty girls

By tom3000
I liked this light duty formula based movie primarily for its pretty girls, music and light hearted sillilness. And I am a sucker for anything foriegn anyway, a little cheap travel in between my...

Excellent movie

By vivireyes2003
If you are colombian, or if you are an Amercian who enjoys watching colombian movies, this is the perfect one. So hilarious. Must see :)...

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