Greydon Clark

Worked With

Year Name Title
1988 George Kennedy The Uninvited
1988 Alex Cord The Uninvited
1984 Rossano Brazzi Final Justice
1984 Joe Don Baker Final Justice
1975 Neville Brand Psychic Killer
1975 Rod Cameron Psychic Killer
1975 Aldo Ray Psychic Killer
1975 Nehemiah Persoff Psychic Killer
1975 Jim Hutton Psychic Killer
1975 Julie Adams Psychic Killer
1973 Aldo Ray The Bad Bunch
1973 Jock Mahoney The Bad Bunch
1971 Russ Tamblyn Dracula vs. Frankenstein
1971 Lon Chaney, Jr. Dracula vs. Frankenstein
1971 J. Carrol Naish Dracula vs. Frankenstein
1971 Angelo Rossitto Dracula vs. Frankenstein
1970 Broderick Crawford Hell's Bloody Devils
1970 Kent Taylor Hell's Bloody Devils
1970 Jack Starrett Hell's Bloody Devils
1970 Scott Brady Hell's Bloody Devils
1970 John Carradine Hell's Bloody Devils
1970 Keith Andes Hell's Bloody Devils
1969 Scott Brady Satan's Sadists
1969 Kent Taylor Satan's Sadists
1969 Russ Tamblyn Satan's Sadists
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