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Green Lantern

By bigwel21
Written June 19, 2011
Awesome film, great characters, storyline, and many different sequel scenarios. Definitely a must see for comic fans and easy to follow for newcomers!
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By menditto
Written July 24, 2011
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It was awesome!

By chambertlo
Written June 21, 2011
As an avid movie goer, I know when to separate serious films from the average summer blockbuster, and although this movie will never win any academy awards, was it ever meant to? Some people just like to find fault in everything, but sometimes,when you look at what was intended and the end result, you will find that for the uninitiated, this film was up there with the best the summer movie season had to offer. Everyone wants to compare every comic book movie to The Dark Knight, but when you compare a movie about a powerless super hero to one that has neigh infinite ability, understand that converting from one format (comics) to another (cinema) will have its downfalls. As it stands, I enjoyed this much more than X-men: First Class, and it stands up there with some of the best comic movies in recent history. Don't listen to the critics; watch the movie and decide for yourself!
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Green Lantern; Green For Go!

By wisersteve
Written June 20, 2011
You wanted a super hero movie, you got it! A one hour and forty-five minute thrill ride that I would watch again in a heart beat. Ryan Reynolds pulled off the hero and his alter ego, and it was nice to see elements of the origin from the comic book used. If you're looking for Shakespeare or an entry to Sundance, forget it. If you want an action movie with a triumphant hero, you're in luck!
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Humor made up for lack of Story

By yrogory
Written June 19, 2011
I was very surprised at how funny this movie really was. Ryan Renolds was great as the Green Lantern. Blake Lively was very good as the love interest with a lot more to do than the typical damsel in distress mode females always get relegated to. The only drawback was the surprising lack of story momentum especially towards the final act. The beginning of the film was paced perfectly but midway through, it's almost like the editor decided to remove every scene that could develop the story and characters further. Despite this, the humor and actors more than make up for lackluster storytelling.
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