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Campy, but loads of fun!

By kathryn_mac26
Written June 18, 2011
Friends and I went to the midnight release, which was packed. Everyone in the theatre whooped and hollered and generally had a great time. Ryan Reynolds is just the right combination of cockiness and aw shucks charm, and Blake Lively had a spunky turn as his fellow fighter pilot and love interest. The CGI effects are pretty over-the-top and cheesy, but the overall impact is of good summertime blockbuster fun. And the Green Lantern oath - "In the brightest day, in the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight..." - gave me chills.
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Loved it!-the green lantern

By tgroll55
Written June 18, 2011
it was a great film I'd see again
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Got way more than i expected to get!

By Bucktopus
Written June 19, 2011
So.. where to start on Green Lantern.... Ryan Reynolds nailed this role. He cut out a lot of that comedy he was known for and kept the role serious but sarcastic... which is what i was looking for. And Mark Strong just took Sinestro right from the comic books and threw him in the movie! He just nailed it! Of course the voice acting of Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clarke Duncan was really good to. It fit the roles perfect! The story was really good focusing more on Paralax and Hector Hammond than Evil Sinestro. Which i did like because the animated movie First Flight did that and it would've seemed a little like... man i just saw this story! So im glad they brought in other villains. And the CGI was great.... Like... AVATAR's little brother! XD If your a Green Lantern fan and you want to see a movie worthy of your wantings.... THIS... is definently the movie! You will not leave disapointed. I SWEAR! Oh and stay after the credits.... theres a little secret scene i think fans will enjoy!
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By EricS576
Written June 17, 2011
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Way to kill a franchise!

By mc0504
Written February 07, 2016
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