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Green On the Big Screen!

By clobberingpunk
Written December 08, 2016
This movie is good in my opinion, I'm not saying its the best movie ever, but I'm also not saying its the worst movie ever! It has great action scenes, the CGI is great! and the plot is solid The Acting was good If your not a fan of comic book movies, I wouldn't recommend you watch it, this is a solid-good movie for comic book movie fans
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Green light.

By sylar2744
Written March 27, 2017
As a huge DC comics fan I was highly disapointed in this movie for many reasons. The acting wasn't that great for one, and the story line needed alot of work. It seems jthat ust when the movie was kicking off and getting a little interesting it ended. I expected a whole lot more from this movie and was glad that I waited for the DVD release and not wasting my money at the theater. On a side note the CGI was outstanding. Watch at your own risk.
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Green Lantern is GOOD !

By Rocky Dragoncheeks
Written July 15, 2011
I am not sure why this tale of the GL is not being received as well as it should. It is a good movie! Certainly not as good as the last Batman, but definitely better than ALL the Superman movies. Every movie can be made better in hindsight. That is why George brought back Star Wars three times! I found this adventure to move quite fast for the first half hour, then ease its way into the story after fast character and background story development. Even Leonard Maltin liked it! This is a GO SEE in the theater movie.
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Good, but...

By TerpsFan72
Written January 17, 2017
...It could have been sooo much better. The tried to shove to many things into this film. It had the potential to be a great comic book/superhero movie, but instead had to settle for just being an ok and entertaining one. Ryan Reynolds turned out to be a good choice for Hal Jordan, just to bad the rest of the movie didn't stand up to his performance. Blake Lively was better than expected. The movie should have been more Full Metal Jacket, meaning how FMJ followed Matthew Modine during training for most the movie, this film should have done the same for Hal Jordan. Not enough Sinestro, Kilowog and the other Lanterns. A huge chance missed here by Warner Brothers, they need to let DC have a more hands on approach to these properties from now on, the way Marvel does with their's. WB was just lucky to have a film maker like Chris Nolan take over the Batman franchise, because it sure seems like their other properties have been more miss than hit.
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Just okay

By FireGirl911
Written June 18, 2011
Generally liked the movie but didn't think there was any chemistry between the two leads. And they are supposed to be childhood sweethearts?? Really? The 10+ age difference wasn't an issue? Too much time was wasted on scenes between Ryan and Blake - snooze. Needed a lot more action.
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