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Surprising, Given All Reports (A review for multiple audiences)

By Twiddles4Fun
Written June 21, 2011
Ok, Diehard GL fans--yes, they messed with the mythistory, but it's a Two Hour movie, and (let's face it) they can't contain approximately 71 years of comics that overlaps dozens of other titles, and a 2 year 2-title maxicrossover with any semblance of feasability. And BTW: While Reynolds probably would have made a better Kyle R, he's Not a Bad Hal Jordan. Now, Regular Viewing Audiences, have no fear: this movie will not leave you trembling at the magnitude of your Comic naivet├ę or unfamiliarity. You will learn of the Green Lanterns as our hero does. The acting is solid, the script reasonably trim, the power effects appear plausible and radiant, (the advertised "transformation" is the weakest of them... go figure), and you will be able to relate to Someone(s) in this movie. I rate this movie a "Go"--those who view a 2-D matinee will find it worth their money, an evening 2-D viewing will have an enjoyable time. 3-D, I don't know... I don't like 3-D anyway. Go. Enjoy.
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Ehh, it wasn't bad.

By Spidermatrix53
Written June 19, 2011
It could've been better, but it wasn't completely terrible. 50/50
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Green Lantern

By timjessgarrettgavin
Written June 19, 2011
Since I have children ages 5 and 6 it is tough to see movies. But I was able to get my two little ones to go. I have tried almost everything to get them to sit still for more than 5 minutes. This movie was able to do it for over 2 hours. I would have to put this movie in the top 10 of all times as far as super hero movies go. Ryan Renolds did an awesome job. I must say I am looking forward to the next Green Lantern movie. If you are on the fence about seeing this movie get off the fence and go.
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Green Lantern

By grandmamel45
Written June 27, 2011
Very well done. Good acting and special effects. Should appeal to all ages,
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Green Lantern

By powersalesatl
Written July 01, 2011
Great special effects, but story line could stand to be a little bit more imaginative. The 3D cg effects helped a lot!
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