By lovestalentmoviefan
Written March 29, 2010
.....but that is because I don't like this type of movie. If this is your taste, Stiller does a marvelous job of instilling real detest. His neuroses just plain offend everybody,and he doesn't care. Constantly mistreating love interest. I think the girl is relatable to lots of normal,not very sure of themselves type women. Rhys Ifans was very good in a small role. Pretty dark,depressing.....not sure what to feel. Went immediately after to another movie just to get the taste out of my head. Need to be smart,able to tolerate thoughts of anxiety on middle age and where you're at. Made me anxious and and nudity.
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My new favorite Noah Baumbach flick

By namtastic
Written March 30, 2010
But I'll admit, it's not for everyone. Please keep in mind: this is a character study. It's a unintentional-romance where the humor exists within a stronger drama, and if you can accept the two leads' vulnerabilities, their development will be extremely satisfying, even as they regularly pass in and out of likability due to their behavior and actions. There are funny moments, but no laughs, if you know what I mean. There is line (not quite a spoiler, but warning you nonetheless) that really cuts to the heart of the movie, like: Don't you still think of yourself as a guitar player, even though you haven't picked up a guitar in decades? The drama of the movie is here, and seeing someone struggle with something so simple can be frustrating. Some in my audience clearly couldn't handle the arrested development of Greenberg, but know this -- it is perfectly acted and presented, nuanced and developed, and certainly why some react so strongly against it: perhaps it hits too close to home
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Greenberg and Us

By bobby201
Written March 28, 2010
Pictured a character we all know in life -- we even may recognize a bit of ourselves. While more self-involved than most, Greenberg makes a real effort to grow past his self-centeredness and actually listen to others. Ben Stiller is funny but also gives a mesmerizing performance.
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Plodding and plotless; reality tv but worse

By juliang
Written April 01, 2010
Want to see the dull minute to minute life of trailer trash, who wasted his golf Being John Daly on the golf Channel. Want to see even lower trailer trash get busted in a 1/2 nelson on the ground, with tatoos Cops.. Greenberg is reality tv about the minute to minute of an emotional cripple, narcissistic do well., who must find fault in everything,, and ruin relationships of a girl and former friend who were the only persons who went beyond the pale to have anything to do with him. Minute to minute drudgery. watch Being John Daly and Cops if you need to feel better about yourself by seeing others utterly bereft of redeeming qualities and totally lacking in self discipline. The story goes no where, and is very reminiscent of" baaad thetaah" from the original SNL days. Save $16-20
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Ben Stiller Plays A Creep

By tombyrom
Written March 30, 2010
This was a major disappointment. The Ben Stiller character is a 40 year old immature jerk. The 25 year old who falls for him is an airhead. There is maybe one funny line in the whole movie. There is nothing to be learned from this movie about the human condition. Save your money and skip this piece oif junk
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