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A ne'er-do-well (Ben Stiller) finds a soul mate in his brother's assistant (Greta Gerwig).
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By lovestalentmoviefan
.....but that is because I don't like this type of movie. If this is your taste, Stiller does a marvelous job of instilling real detest. His neuroses just plain offend everybody,and he doesn't care....

My new favorite Noah Baumbach flick

By namtastic
But I'll admit, it's not for everyone. Please keep in mind: this is a character study. It's a unintentional-romance where the humor exists within a stronger drama, and if you can accept the two...

Ben Stiller Plays A Creep

By tombyrom
This was a major disappointment. The Ben Stiller character is a 40 year old immature jerk. The 25 year old who falls for him is an airhead. There is maybe one funny line in the whole movie. ...

Greenberg and Us

By bobby201
Pictured a character we all know in life -- we even may recognize a bit of ourselves. While more self-involved than most, Greenberg makes a real effort to grow past his self-centeredness and actually...

Plodding and plotless; reality tv but worse

By juliang
Want to see the dull minute to minute life of trailer trash, who wasted his golf Being John Daly on the golf Channel. Want to see even lower trailer trash get busted in a 1/2 nelson on...

Five Word Review

By DirkWalvoord
what's to like? - nothing...

Superb Adult Filmmaking

By lookherefilms
Everything about this movie oozes class. It is understated, intelligent, thoughtful. This is a movie for adults, about adults...or more accurately, those struggling with adulthood. My girlfriend and...


By ragsmom
This movie is probably the biggerst waste of time ever. There was nothing good about it....

Five Word Review

By seyah12
wish this movie went somewhere...

Greenburg Sucks!

By zigedy
Worst movie I ever sat through!! Do NOT waste your time or money!...

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Rated R | For some strong sexuality, drug use, and language
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Common Sense Media says Unhealthy relationship is focus of darkly funny adult drama.
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