• 1 hr 36 min
  • Action/Adventure


Loneliness and aimlessness sparks emotions that could destroy a marriage in this independent drama. Sebastian (Lawrence Michael Levine) and Genevieve (Kate Lyn Sheil) are an intellectual couple from New York City -- he's a writer, she works at a bookstore. For a writing project on sustainable farming, Sebastian leaves the city to move to the rural south; Genevieve quits her job to join him, but she soon discovers there's little for her to do in their new home. One day, they discover an uninvited guest sleeping in their yard, a woman named Robin (Sophia Takal), and lonely Genevieve strikes up a friendship with her. Genevieve is happy to have someone to talk with and she becomes very fond of Robin -- enough so that when Sebastian gets to know her and shows his own interest in her, Genevieve develops a powerful jealousy against her. Green was the first feature film from writer, director and editor Sophia Takal, who also co-starred as Robin. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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