Great Expectations is Near Great

By EX 007
Written July 25, 2016
Well done version; casting, acting,directing, and photography are all well done. If not a "must see" it is, aleast, an "ought to see"!
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Great Adaptation

By JMilesCox
Written November 25, 2013
I was amazed at how superbly the film captured Dickens' original written work. It was presented EXACTLY how Dickens wrote it and they didn't cut corners on the details. I got the impression that the Great Man himslef would be proud of how perfectly the film-makers interpreted his original vision. This was also a film that could only have been made with the superbly twisted contributions of Helena Bonham Carter. There has never been an actress past or present who could have brought Miss Havisham to life the way she did. This was one of those books you probably snoozed through during high school - but when you read it later in life and then watch this film - it really reminds you how good a storyteller Dickens was.
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its alright

By zerodefector767
Written July 24, 2016
the movie itself is moderately well made, I sort of enjoyed it, I mean, I can't enjoy a story line that I already despise. The acting is pretty good but it could be better it is directed alright and its overall a mediocre movie.
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So Beautiful and Elegant...

By Karajita
Written November 22, 2013
I can see this movie again if I have the opportunity, I'll buy the blue Ray or DVD when it comes for my collection...Thank you for such a great acting, cinematography, direction, etc, just love it!
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Great Expectations Met My Expectations

By lesliecevans
Written November 24, 2013
I heard this was very well done, with good characters and cinematography, and it was all I expected! The first 30 minutes were just a bit slow: my 91 year old friend fell asleep... but as a serious Dickens and all things English fan, I found it to be a valuable segue way into the drama to come; the characters were developed much as Dickens develops them; it takes time, and it's not always blood and guts or sci-fi paced action. The casting was superb. It was easy to not like Estella for her coldness. Ralph Fiennes did a terrific job as the ex-convict, and I won't say more. Dickens always has twists and intrigue in his stories, and this is a classic because it is so rich in emotions, values, relationships, in class distinction and pettiness, and loyalty, and of course a large dose of the unexpected. I say you should see it, but maybe leave the great grandma home.
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