By Hrt2jake
Written July 15, 2007
i dident know it was a dvd i have it on my list at home!!
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By rule62
Written April 18, 2008
Should be seen once every two years, at least, by those of us forgetting what teen years were like.
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not the same people!

By iiiooo
Written September 30, 2007
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Heck Fraking Yes!

By Brit07
Written April 20, 2008 the first movie i fell in love with without understanding the material...i was like 10! I enjoy this movie all the time! I love the songs, and the storyline, now that i actually understand it. John Travolta is smoking hot! too bad he got old :(, anyways this movie is fun and easy to follow and a feel-good movie which is always good accompanied by some Ben and Jerry's ice cream on a bad night. Any young girl teenager would love this movie and that is who i would recommend this to, even if you may not understand some of the will and you will understand the movie even more! and whats not to like young smoking hot sexy John Travolta!!! :D Watch this and you wont regret it...only if your crazy :P
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By spongesam27
Written June 08, 2013
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