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...and I had SUCH high hopes!

By malc818
Written October 19, 2013
Hmmm...How to describe my opinion? how about cheesy, mindless & boring? I really, really wanted to like this movie because I'm a Bullock and Clooney fan, but WOW, such a letdown...After reading PAGES of rave reviews, including 2 FULL pages in the Wall Street Journal touting Gravity as 'possibly the best movie of all time", I fully expected heart-stopping action & Oscar-worthy acting...uh uh, didn't happen...George looked as if he was on the verge of cracking up laughing in some of the scenes & Sandra B? Well, much as I like her, the girl just can't do justice to a dramatic script & should stick to rom-coms (tho she IS getting a little long in the tooth for those engenue roles).producing/directing & raising little Louis...Sorry, Sandy & George, I know my opinion will crush you, but you can console yourselves with the millions you'll make from this "hit"...oh, just an observation--when the movie ended, the audience was absolutely silent (not the reaction of a wowed crowd)...
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She found God

By Judy873
Written January 01, 2014
I thought that this would be the scariest movie of all time, but I like it. Implausible plot unless you believe in miracles. She says at one point that she does not believe in God. Yet at the end her words are Thank You! Do you for one minute think that was not directed at God?
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By mktggal
Written July 29, 2014
Great special effects, but THAT WAS IT. This is the worst movie I've seen since Caddyshack II. The dialogue was rudimentary at best, it lacked true character development, the plot was -- actually unbelievable. The overt "embryonic" scene was schmaltzy at best and the "beginning of man" ending scene was ridiculous. Sandra Bullock was "poor Sandy" once again and George Clooney was smirking like he was in on the joke to rob you of your discretionary entertainment income. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE in 2D (I heard it was better in 3D but there's still no plot.) If Sandra Bullock gets an Academy Award for this I will never watch the awards again as this was her worst performance since that runaway bus film...
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By caliskaterboy
Written December 01, 2013
This truly was the most boring movie I've seen in many years. I consider myself to have good taste. I love the actors but Clooney is in it briefly and all Bullock does is whimper and gasp the whole time. I had high expectations because I heard great things. A huge disappointment.
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bathroom break

By ob606
Written October 07, 2013
First time in my 53 years I left a movie for a bathroom break. The suspense was relentless which I needed a break from. NOt in a good way. There really is no story. The visual effects are great but still needs some kind of story. There really is not story. The ending was just stupid. First time I came out of a movie wanting my money back. Everyone else coming out felt the same way.
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