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Great Movie

By cgnlb39
Written January 14, 2014
Sandra Bullock pulls off a great performance with some great photography. Short, and to the point. Even George Clooney manages to bring some heart to his small role
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Amazing visuals

By tracymoon
Written October 06, 2013
You could pick this one apart for days in terms of its plausibility ...but I find I don't want to because Cuaron created such a visually arresting landscape. It's saying a lot that I am willing to overlook the myriad of absurd events that occur because I was so blown away by what I was watching - every second of it - but it's true. It would be nice to see George Clooney in something other than his wisecracking mode (like in Michael Clayton/The American). I know he was supposed to be "comic relief" in an otherwise über-intense film...but while there really wasn't a single moment that was joke-worthy, there were an awful lot of "light" moments due to his dialogue. I couldn't allow anything to ruin it for me - the overall effect the film had on me surpassed my annoyance at its flaws. If this film hadn't had ANY backstory to the Clooney and (especially) Bullock characters it would have been a much, much better film in my opinion.
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It was jus ok

By Ktab96
Written October 06, 2013
Somehow I think this could have been done better. The could have delved into her character more like having flash backs on her life. The movie was really about flying debris. Sandra's character is portrayed as pretty weak and George's character is portrayed way too calm throughout; typical Clooney role. I would give this movie a 2 to 3 star. It's not horrible. It's just an ok movie.
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Lost in Space

By gabzeex
Written October 12, 2013
The movie got great reviews blah blah blah Sandra Bullock will get an Oscar. The best part was George Clooney showing up in the capsule. I learned there's alot of trash in space including this movie.
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By blindmonk
Written December 26, 2013
Excellent! Go see it in 3D IMAX if possible because the movie is about the vastness, lifelessness of space, which, of course, makes one think on the universal theme of aloneness. The script is superior. The cinematography is perfect as are the effects that make us feel as if we are there with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Both actors are at their best. Bullock has never had a better script to work with. Clooney is generous in his acting. Both are entirely believable in the roles they play. The attention to detail in the movie is impressive. The stars are aligned correctly and the minutia of space travel is getting thumbs up from space enthusiats.
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