• Released
  • October 4, 2013
  • (Special shows Thurs Oct 3 in select theaters)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 31 min
  • 3D
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Gravity 3-D IMAX

By candycemv1
Written January 30, 2015
If you have ever been to Disney and gone to one of those 3D movie rides, expect the same here only for 90 minutes long - when it ended I felt like I was getting off a ride The objects flying in space sometimes appear to be coming close to your face You absolutely feel like you are in space with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Basically it is a space survival movie and it kept me glued to the screen I came out unsure if it was all I heard it was suppose to be but when I described it all to someone else today it did appear there was much more depth to the movie than I originally felt I am glad to have seen it in IMAX 3D and recommend it to all who liked space tv shows and movies
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Phenomenal move experience

By cptnrandy
Written October 06, 2013
If at all possible, see this movie NOW in IMAX 3D. It was stunning visually and a terrific, moving story. I don't much care about 3D, but this movie uses it to tremendous effect.
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By stefcfi
Written October 07, 2013
Great job, incredible cinematography. Not totally aeronautically accurate, but enough to thrill. You will feel like you are in space. Very enjoyable for ages 13+. I felt it was worth the extra in 3D IMAX. Its definitely meant for the big screen.
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Warning to those who read all positive reviews!

By ezeltmann
Written October 17, 2013
If you like staring at a 50 foot Sandra Bullocks face close up for a long period of time while she whines and takes deep breaths, this movie will be 5 stars. Waste of a great idea and stunning effects.
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IMAX 3D the only way to see this movie!

By clsmith976
Written December 28, 2014
Stunning! I haven't seen a movie in 3D at an IMAX since Polar Express (I'm almost 60) ! This movie made me a fan of 3D as much as anything. The movie just wouldn't be nearly as visually stunning if it hadn't been in 3D. Awesome entertainment - Go See It - I'll go again. The IMAX cost worth every penny.
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