• Released
  • October 4, 2013
  • (Special shows Thurs Oct 3 in select theaters)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 31 min
  • 3D

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One of the best movies this year

By Suzy Q Stern
Written February 20, 2017
Visually stimulating movie. Sandra Bullock rocks and Clooney is masterful as the free-spirited space cowboy. I won't give anything away so go see this film. Watched it in IMAX 3-D and highly recommend that experience for this particular film.
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By patkranish
Written February 18, 2017
GRAVITY Sandra Bullock is Dr. Ryan Stone on her first space shuttle mission, there to escape the grief over the loss of her child. Clooney’s veteran astronaut, Matt Kowalski, is the person you would most likely want to have around if you were cast tumbling through the blackness of space. We trust their dimensionality and depth and we believe, thanks to the techno geniuses who combined live action, CGI, and animation, that the human spirit and will to survive exists no matter how vast the backdrop. I saw “Gravity” in IMAX 3D and the effects were so
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Kessler Effect!

By MedRed
Written August 02, 2014
WOW! What an intense movie! This movie really comes to life in 3D. Gravity is 110% worth seeing on an IMAX 3D screen! Gravity has a tiny cast and an incredible story. The edge of your seat goodness that this movie brings is top notch. George Clooney is immensely likeable. Sandra Bullock gives a knock out performance. This is the first space movie I've ever seen that adheres to the reality that there is no sound in space! Gravity juxtaposes pure silence with an incredible score and the realistic sound vibrations from direct contact with objects as heard inside the astronauts' helmets. Other than the proximity of certain man made objects, Gravity tries to maintain a high level of credibility. While the situation is far fetched, the execution is amazing! Gravity totally lived up to the hype. There's nothing during or after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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One of the best I have ever seen!!

By sea7
Written October 04, 2013
First I don't like 3D at all. (I am over 50) The 3D in this movie in IMAX was staggeringly fantastic! The action/acting/plot and direction were flawless. I BELIEVED I was in space and in peril and it was non - stop thrilling action. I rarely say "OH WOW!" as much as I did in the course of this movie and frankly I wanted to see the movie again it was that perfect. Best sci-fi movie I have seen in awhile, one of the best action movies I have seen ever. Sandra Bullock shocked me with how good she was as an actress! I give it a 10 out of 10. Go, you won't regret it and if you can, spend the extra bucks and see it in IMAX 3D you will be so unbelievably happy you did! The audience clapped at the end of the movie if that tells you something....... Great movie! Will be going to see it again!
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The special effects are the best I've ever seen, but ...

By bgmosssr
Written October 05, 2013
There's never been a film to take 3D (esp. IMAX films) to this level and the result was freaking amazing! The way the film flowed, with respect to the cinematography, made the journey from space to earth made you feel like you took the trip yourself and you left the theatre feeling it. The special effects are the best I've ever seen, but past that, the film fell flat. The plot was good and Sandra Bullock was great, but the monologues she delivered were dull as hell and the lines were pretty bad - downright awful. At times you could even see her trying to squeeze more blood from that turnip to carry the line; at times she succeeded, other times not. Clooney's character was compelling and helped anchor the plot. When he floats off, the film, from a dialogue standpoint, floated off right along with him. But again, the special effects keep you rapt and highly entertained from beginning to end. This is the new benchmark for 3D films - period -and I expect it will win a ton of awards for it.
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