Wonderful movie, bad theater experience

By slsjazz
Written October 26, 2016
The movie started 45 minutes late because the theater and/or distributor could not get their acts together on the technology for this kind of presentation. But the concert film was wonderful. Great sound and the only visual record I know of that shows the Dead at their peak with such attention to the important performance elements--hands on guitars, singers, etc.
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Jerry and the Guys Doin their thing...

By And_Another_Thing
Written April 24, 2017
Great flick great music. I really loved seeing the guys just doing what they do best. And I am not just blowing smoke atcha because it has one of my favorite Birdsongs ever played but because it's worth the trip... Not one for the kiddies though...
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Sunshine Daydream

By fmgsr
Written April 30, 2017
Just to see new Jerry, that was enough. But the music was fantastic. The video coulda been cleaned up a bit more. The animation just clearly sucked. Oh, but that music!!!!
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Sunshine Daydream

By deadhead0331
Written June 29, 2016
I am the mother of two deadheads and the fiancee of another one. I enjoyed listening to the music and watching the audience react and how they danced to the melodies. I was especially grateful to see the young Jerry and Bobby perform. It was more meaningful to me since I saw Bobby yesterday on his show and was able to compare Bobby, the older man, to Bobby, the young man. Sallyk
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Classic Dead Show - A Time Capsule

By VMI70
Written August 28, 2016
The production quality of the video may be 1972, but the quality of the music and the sound is 2013. Thought the sound was one of the best of any Dead show I have seen either in the theater or on DVD (and I have all the commercially available DVDs). The show itself is vintage Dead and one of their best. Only possible shortcoming was that it seems the site did not have enough lighting to catch the later songs in the show, but it was 1972, a charity event and not a commercial venue which would have had better lighting. A long Dark Star (if you like that, if you don't you have a chance to hit the head or the concession stand). Must see if you are a Dead fan, no matter how old you are. If you are old enough (like me) it is nostalgic, if you are younger you get to see them at what some think was their best period. (Have to wonder how many of the Deadheads there catching rays are now seeing their dermatologists to have lesions removed, we did not use sunblock back then.)
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