2013 Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies

By kensachi
Written February 14, 2016
I wish they would do these more often than once a year. Also a good idea would be to offer the DVD/CD packages with a promo code for discount when you buy the ticket. i was not sure i was going to be able to place an order because so many people attempting to after the movie last night. The movie was grate. Sound, video all outstanding. I placed my order for DVC/CD package this morning.
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Sunshine Daydream

By friscokid65
Written April 25, 2017
Excellent movie! Vintage footage and spot-on playing! Excellent Dark Star ... The band will take you to the outer limits and bring you back safely home.
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Great Movie, every fan should see !

By raygeisler
Written May 04, 2016
It was 105 degrees that day and the band was in amazing form ! The movie is very well done love the animation. Garcia was tremendous ! You have to see this ! It will bow you away, it was a benefit to save the Kesey family creamery ! In the fields of Oregon, they cut done trees to make the towers, it was hippydom at its best. Just Freaking Grateful to have seen it !
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Great images and great visuals

By jack3
Written January 22, 2017
Overall it was outstanding experience (except for the very boring crowd). I danced in the side aisles. The opportunity to be so very close to Jerry, Phil, Bobby and Billy was a gift.
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Happy Birthday Jerry G. !!!!

By mexicojoes
Written January 17, 2017
Coming from a longtime Dead Head - but one that didn't get to experience the early days (my 1st show was in 1979) - this movie was very cool! With that said - nothing is like a Grateful Dead concert, even a movie about one. The obvious missing piece was the experience of being there.. we'd lovingly call it the freak show, the before-during-and after experience of people from all walks of life melting into One Humanity. The movie did a great job of showing the experience & getting people to share their experience too. It made me want to jump into the screen and be part of it all. Thank You to everyone involved in producing and promoting the event. What a great way to celebrate Jerry's Birthday!!! Bark Like a Dog! Beemdog
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