Great audio recording!

By rhheintz
Written June 26, 2016
The films audio recording was great not a complete concert like I thought it would be. was a little disappointing that is was not a complete concert, could have done with out the naked man standing behind Jerry about 90 percent of the time you saw Jerry on the screen! But really it just mad you laff! I did enjoy the movie, i just expected more, I walked away thinking... that's it?? The Best Grateful Dead Movie was the first one from Winterland hands down IMOP.. All in all it was good but far from great, video wise really enjoyed the tapestry images, could have use more of that then some of the video that you could not even see...
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I could see it but not hear it!

By petergrant47
Written August 03, 2013
There was a problem at the theater: we could see the movie but the sound track was Bruce Springsteen! After 30 minutes the problem was still not solved. The manager was nice though - we got a free movie pass and refunds.
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You Don't Want To Miss This

By alapoet
Written August 03, 2013
If you care anything about the music and the legend of the Grateful Dead, you absolutely don't want to miss this film. This is classic Dead, at the absolute height of their powers, on an incredible day. Transcendent and beautiful... a wonderful time capsule.
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By danilacopic
Written November 27, 2015
Only one thing missing- the closing credit attribution to the naked man on the post behind the stage, or was it an elephant in the room? Either way...
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Sunshine Daydream

By shihx008
Written November 29, 2015
Too much talk, not enough music. I come to these annual Grateful Dead meet up at the movies events to see concert footage, and to hear songs. A lot of the footage in this film was about the backstory about the concert, and showed interviews with people who were there ( not particularly interesting) and people building the stage (again not interesting). Of course it is always amazing to see the Dead perform, on film or live, but a lot of the film was taken up by one of their super-long trippy jams, which works OK in a live setting when they play for hours, but not so well in a short movie. I would have much preferred to see them play more songs. The film last year at the 2nd annual meet up was much better. Also, I don't mind seeing nude adults dancing, it was kind of fun to see everyone having a good time, but there were some young kids in the audience for whom the film was not appropriate.
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