Sunshine Daydream

By botwplanet
Written February 10, 2016
Great movie with the footage they had to work with!
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Sunshine Daydream

By nspellman
Written August 02, 2013
Had a great time; there is still nothing like a Grateful Dead show! Terrific back story on this concert...would have liked to hear more music from that day, maybe a few less crowd shots. Met old and new friends at the theater, the sound was GREAT!
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Good Clean Fun

By chriscantelmo
Written May 07, 2015
A grainy, barely-watchable videotape of what became the Dead's "Sunshine Daydream" has been circulating the GD tape trader underworld since the late 80s at least. I contacted Ken Kesey many years ago when he started releasing portions of the film he and the Merry Pranksters made in their trip across America. Kesey said that it would eventually make its way to the public sphere - and, alas, it did - long after Kesey himself checked out of this world. And it was worth the wait!!! "Sunshine Daydream" is a visual and audio delight. The Dead were playing great after their spectacular tour of Europe that summer and the planets aligned perfectly on that hot August afternoon in Oregon. The cinematography seems dated only occasionally, during close-ups that are WAY too close up for too long, for example, as was de rigueur for rockumentaries in the 70s. This is a must-see for deadheads and a should-see for anyone who wants to see what the hippie world was really like.
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I could see it but not hear it!

By petergrant47
Written August 03, 2013
There was a problem at the theater: we could see the movie but the sound track was Bruce Springsteen! After 30 minutes the problem was still not solved. The manager was nice though - we got a free movie pass and refunds.
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You Don't Want To Miss This

By alapoet
Written August 03, 2013
If you care anything about the music and the legend of the Grateful Dead, you absolutely don't want to miss this film. This is classic Dead, at the absolute height of their powers, on an incredible day. Transcendent and beautiful... a wonderful time capsule.
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