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2013 Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies

By kensachi
Written October 27, 2014
I wish they would do these more often than once a year. Also a good idea would be to offer the DVD/CD packages with a promo code for discount when you buy the ticket. i was not sure i was going to be able to place an order because so many people attempting to after the movie last night. The movie was grate. Sound, video all outstanding. I placed my order for DVC/CD package this morning.
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gratefuldead meet sunshine daydream

By amrcnbut
Written December 28, 2014
The movie was fantastic a terrific way to celebrate Jerry's birthday. But i didn't have to buy my tickets from fandango and spend an extra $2.50 per ticket.
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More Jungle Bush than the porn industry produced in the 70's

By jeff.hochberg
Written September 18, 2014
First of all...I was VERY upset that the AMC Buckhead Fork & Screen in Atlanta started the film 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time! Aside from that, as long as you love the Dead and enjoy full-frontal nudity of both males and females, you'll LOVE this film. The performance is awesome!!! Only complaint is that it could have been longer! There was obviously a lot more material that could have been included. Perhaps enough for Sunshine Daydream 2???!!!
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Great images and great visuals

By jack3
Written November 26, 2014
Overall it was outstanding experience (except for the very boring crowd). I danced in the side aisles. The opportunity to be so very close to Jerry, Phil, Bobby and Billy was a gift.
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Fewer Peripherals, More Music!

By peterinmiami
Written October 20, 2014
Here's a concert movie in serious need of editing: eliminate the boring kaleidoscopic ads for the Dead's favorite tie-dye artist; trim the backstory about the Creamery; even--can I actually be saying it?--cut the number of naked dancers in the crowd (at least the unattractive ones!); and just give us more of the Dead's wonderful music! Were these handful of songs--excellent as they are--the only ones recorded, or recorded well? Seems hard to believe. You can see what the filmmakers were going for, an overview of the Big Picture, but the music--the reason we're paying to see the movie--arrives too late and departs too soon. A bit of a wasted (no pun intended) opportunity here.
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