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Movie was great theater was not

By tuffo4444
Written February 01, 2015
The seating was very uncomfortable and the movie actually stopped 20 mins in and they had to restart it, so people saw same movie twice for part. The sound could have been louder and the lighting could have been turned off faster. Otherwise movie was really good.
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A Trip In Time

By foreverkind8
Written October 31, 2014
As a Dead Head this was a step back in time for me! I have seen the Dead at Deer Creek and watching this film brought me back to that moment even thought I saw them in 1995 it was much the same the crowds coming through the fields and enjoying each others company. Of course the day turned ugly with cops attacking the crowds but in the beginning it was a lot like this movie. I danced and just listened to the music and it took me back to what a show was like. I am so glad they made this movie happen because it gave others who have never been to a show a glimpse of what we Dead Heads understand to the core. That we all are one and the band is the medium to that. I hope everyone who loves this band gets out to see it. It is a classic and as usual the band and crowd never let me down....
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sunshine daydream

By gratefulfrank
Written December 21, 2014
enkoyed the movie nothin like happy times sweet jams out in the woods amazing dark star bird song china rider sing me back home was the best to bad the foot wasnt as good the whole movie had a lot of hickups the theater we went to the sound went off and we had to hunt down some one to fix it so missed five min of the interview stuff
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Sunshine Daydream

By rwilgoren
Written January 26, 2015
The story of how the Grateful Dead teamed up with Kesey and the Merry Pranskters to put on a benefit concert to try to save a local creamery business. AMAZING gootage of the band...probably the best I've ever seen and a sick show.
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sunshine daydream

By my51chev
Written August 02, 2013
movie was good my complaint lies with the theater Westbury new York stadium theater . this is the third show of your I've seen there and most likely my last . like all theater you preshow stuff is a lot louder than the flim.They play the concerts at a low volume that takes away from the flim aspect and complaints fall on dead ears (no pun ). rate so-so on that theater
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