Dark Star Crashes

By hoppinbass76
Written February 08, 2016
As a huge deadhead, I was thrilled to find out that this film was finally being released. Filmed on Ken Kesey's farm in Oregon right after the Dead's triumphant Europe '72 tour, the film makers were able to capture what a magical show this was. Among the Dead's 30 year career this is truly one of the best shows the band ever played. Every song has that extra little taste of magic that sets apart the sublime from the good. They really did a magnificent job of conveying what it was like to be there on that hot, dry, psychedelic soaked day. The short introduction with the back story of the benefit for Kesey's farm complete with interviews of people who had been there was fantastic. It was the best possible way to put the show in context. It conveyed the good nature of the Dead playing a benefit (and in the end footing the bill) along with the communal sense of everyone pitching in to make it happen and the life changing event it was for many people. This is a must see!
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sunshine daydream

By anthonybellio
Written February 11, 2016
great footage and war stories...NOT enough music
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Sunshine Daytimes

By sunshinecreations
Written May 30, 2016
This was a fine window into the freedoms allowed people in the '70s & '80s. The Age of Aquarius was a very pleasant time to grow up. This is definitely a fine documentary of those times in America Needless to say, Jerry Garcia & Bobby worked very hard to get a fine group of musicians to create Symphonic Rock & Roll music. The film was absolutely wonderful. The Theater is so clean & new feeling. Have never been more comfortable in a theater. Friendly folks in the Auditorium. Thanks to the TechnoPeople who did all the film updating. You have a Classic, here. A lovely, comfy theater. I'll be back.
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By fanmango
Written August 05, 2013
This year's meet up was great! It sure was nice to see some of the "family" out at the Century Regency 6 in San Rafael. It was very well attended (almost sold out, I heard). Lots of tie-dyes and good energy! This one was half documentary, half live show from the 1972 Petaluma Creamery benefit show/ acid test. I wish the entire show was shown, but if I remember correctly from my tapes this was three 90min tapes-long show. Can't wait for next year. Happy birthday, Jer.
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Thanks for making this movie!

By nickybio
Written August 07, 2013
First, the whole creamery fundraiser thing with the Pranksters and the Dead and the crazy hippies in Eugene was just over the top. Aside from the "plot" though, there's tons of cool history to see here. I didn't realize the extent that Bobby was such a powerhouse and amazing performer. Seeing how awesome he was really made me rethink who was my favorite part of the band. . .for a second at least. The footage of Jerry and the rest of the band was amazing also. It was so cool just to see them up there working it. There were tons of amazing scenes of crazy hippies doing their thing. Their music always makes me so chill and comfortable, and the show seems full length, so I almost fell asleep toward the end during their Space jam or whatever it was they did. All in all it was very much worth it and I'd go see the same movie again to really take in more details.
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