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Great audio recording!

By rhheintz
Written December 26, 2014
The films audio recording was great not a complete concert like I thought it would be. was a little disappointing that is was not a complete concert, could have done with out the naked man standing behind Jerry about 90 percent of the time you saw Jerry on the screen! But really it just mad you laff! I did enjoy the movie, i just expected more, I walked away thinking... that's it?? The Best Grateful Dead Movie was the first one from Winterland hands down IMOP.. All in all it was good but far from great, video wise really enjoyed the tapestry images, could have use more of that then some of the video that you could not even see...
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By simplstupd
Written January 25, 2015
I didn't expect the documentary part; I was under the impression this was the full concert. Also, I thought the vocals sounded great, but the background noise of the crowd was not present, which made it less special. Overall, I would NOT hesitate to see any future Grateful Dead Movie.
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Grateful Dead Meet Up Sunshine Daydream

By vgodfrey99
Written August 22, 2013
Awesome movie! I'm not sure, but I think the theater I went to messed up and had only audio for about the first 5 minutes or so of the movie. Not sure if was a legit problem or if someone just screwed up - but certainly enjoyed the movie immensely. They should have photo-shopped "Naked Guy on the Pole" out - or at least cut down on his air time. Glad he was enjoying himself but it was a bit distracting having him hovering over Jerry in what were some excellent shots of JG in action.
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Walk you in the tall trees

By JAW02050
Written January 30, 2015
A vetran of thirty some-odd shows, but wishing it was 300! This was a great exercise in Greatful Dead fare. If you're expecting a full concert first-to-last-note played, this it is not. There's plenty of playing footage, but the peripheral footage was perfect for setting the mood and giving a great glimps of exactly what it was all about "back in the day. In "72" I was 19 and if you were a Dead Head, this was the scene that you would constantly strive to be into and emulate, believe me! The band only being human, were capable of playing stellar shows as well as total bombs, and everything in between. The majority of shows were in fact great. This one is heading into the stellar range! To wit, if Jerry was in the zone and the rest merrily followed, great things would happen. For me , when Jerry takes off into the DARK STAR, he leaves nothing on the table! If you ever wanted to see what is produced while being in the ZONE, just spend the time viewing that one song!
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The sound sucked at Ontario Mills, I got my $ back

By shellerman
Written April 28, 2015
Unfortunately there was one little channel missing in the sound system and that happened to be the one for the lead guitar, so..... yeah, couldn't hear Garcia too well. They tried to fix it maybe half hour in, improved a little, but still not right, couldn't hear Jerry properly. Quite frustrating. Saw the whole thing and got my money back. The film itself is quite good, though could have done w/ a lot less of the low budget psychedelia, especially during Phil's bass solo, and all the crowd shots, particularly the naked guy on the rail behind the stage. But it was 1972 and they wanted to capture "the whole experience" (like Woodstock) instead of like a concert film (i.e, the Last Waltz). Yeah, seeing a Dead movie and not being able to hear Jerry. But I'd see it again if it was presented properly.
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