Grateful Dead Meet Up 2016 Synopsis
Fathom Events and Rhino Entertainment bring the Grateful Dead back to the big screen for the sixth annual Meet-Up at the Movies, featuring the previously unreleased 7/2/89 concert and exclusive Dead & Co. footage and interview with David Lemieux.

Movie Reviews

Fun night of Dead

By chrisr777
This has become a fun annual event. Always some cool new footage. The show was a very good one for that era. They all looked like they were having fun. The show was just about sold out and there were...


Location was good (Valencia, Calif.) but apparently there aren't very many Dead fans nearby. We walked into the theater 5 min before show time and there were 7 people spread throughout. There were a...


By pttnvll
Theater 11 at the Northpark AMC in Dallas has speakers along the side and back walls but only the speakers at the screen were used. The volume was less than half what it should have been. The theater...

meet up at the movies

By roc95678
These meet up at the movies are great.Come see and hear our favorite band. Sit and relax or dance your little heart out....

Great show!

By christophercolbe
I had a blast seeing this concert on the big screen! It was beautiful and very enjoyable. Perfect for any dead head out there!...

grateful dead movie 2016.

By memllr
Not the greatest of song selections, but there were a few songs that really rocked, and it was good to see jerry again, and smile!!Loved Queen jane, and loved playing in the band!!Dear Mr. fantasy si...

Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies

This film was not a movie in the traditional sense, nor would I place it in the category of a "documentary", since it did not contain any narrative or present any points of view. That being said, I...


By richandles
We have been to every meet-up at the movies since it began 6 years ago. This was by far the best turnout of them all. Theater was almost full for this one. Great show! Love the extra content at...

Great concert and a good time!

By gloc26
This was never before seen (and great quality) footage! It's nice to be in a place with individuals that have similar interests, in this case, The Grateful Dead. This is an event I will annually...

Great Show - Bad Sound!

By beckiclayborn
It was a great concert, but the facility (Sun Prairie WI) could not figure out how to TURN IT UP. And I'm not saying I wanted it to make my ears bleed or anything, but it was seriously quiet. My...

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