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Lily Tomlin stars as Elle who has just gotten through breaking up with her girlfriend when Elle's granddaughter Sage unexpectedly shows up needing $600 bucks before sundown.
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By Christinekolmanck
What a sad state of affairs about a bitter old godless lesbian, her hateful bitter daughter, her confused pregnant granddaughter, her estranged new lesbian girlfriend, and their angry foul sentiments...

"Grandma" Needs Hospice

By gotis35
Although a good showcase for the marvelous Lily Tomlin, this film suffers from a poor script and lackluster direction. The premise of the story is not believable, and the narrative is an...


By kalkan2000
Movie is about a teenager who goes to ask her lesbian widowed grandma for $600 to get abortion. Grandma is a pathetic soul who used to be a professor, write books etc but does not have money. She...

We are grandparents so we wanted to like it

By doug81
This icing would have been better with a cake under it....


By Dscha
It was a funny poignant movie with great performances. Ms. Tomlinson knocks it out of the park....


By slsawyer58
Far from a comedy! Abortion is a tough subject for many people. No option for adoption? Acting was excellent....


By teresruggiero
I loved it. Lily Tomlin never disappoints. The supporting cast was great too!...

Real life ****

By avnerl947
Girls and boys make mistakes everyday everywhere. Were they al to have a grandma like Elle, our world would be so bright, we would have to wear sunglasses indoors. Thank you Mr Weitz for writing a...

Funny, insightful, and fun

By maxdunn
This movie breezes along and brings a fresh perspective on the interaction between generations with an amazing performance by Lily Tomlin. The dialogue between this "grandma" and her grand-daughter...

Boring, formulaic, badly written, poor direction.

By wooley
So Lily Was good enough - as good as the script let her be. The grandaughter, the ex girlfriend, the book store owner were dreadful. Only Sam Elliot in a powerful small role brought some real life...

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For Language and some drug use
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Common Sense Media says Feisty, sometimes funny, intense coming-of-age tale.
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