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Grand canyon @ risk?

By Jesusfirst
Written July 09, 2009
Why believe this false doctrine about the Earth running out of water? God created & knows how much we need! This movie was a waste of my time & money:( I didn't want to be corrupted by a false teaching about millions of years or whatever they may think took to create the world & the beautiful plants & animals, He(God) saw as being very good after only 6 days of Creation! This world is only 6000 years old for everyone knows this in their heart(God planted it there). Praise God for He reigns forever!
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Not bad, llittle bias, but not bad.

By sir_ian
Written September 18, 2009
If you want a scientifically accurate movie that explains water issues and conservation problems, this is a good choice. It's honest, true, and needs to be heard. This is not a movie of faith, or spirituality. This movie provides facts. Now I'll admit the directing does try to lead the film twords a "if we don't do this now, we're all gonna have major problems someday" Thats true, we are running out of water. Its a matter of too many people using too many resources. Its not about a god or diety who supposidly made a planet in 6,000 years - or anything like that. This is a movie that is supposed to open your eyes to some of our worlds eproblems. Its about the real truth. We are using up our resources faster and faster. I need water, you need water. The person who posted before me needs water. We may disagree about ideology (I am a scientist after all) but the fact remains, we all need water... and theres not enough of it.
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