An excellent even handed film

By BigBob91311
Written October 28, 2013
One of the problems I have head with movies where the conflict is religion vs secular is that the side that is writing the film has a strong tendency to go to far in demonizing the other side. Religilous is probably the best example I can think of, although The Left Behind series fits that pattern as well. This movie is very even-handed in its characterization, which makes it one of the most enjoyable films in this genre to watch
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Grace Unplugged

By virgiborge
Written October 06, 2013
This movie was well done and well balanced. The story went from the parent who pushes their child to be all they want them to be to the child rebelling and wanting what they think is best. Then to the child learning that getting what they think is best is not always the best thing for them to the parent who realizes they pushed too much. The best part is seeing how the realizations by both the child and the parent make it possible for both to meet on stable ground. This movie is very Christ centered and a great example of what happens when we stray from trusting God in all things. A must see and very inspirational.
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Grace Unplugged

By al_braun
Written October 11, 2013
I thought the movie was the best I've seen in a long while. It was touching and moving and my personnal opinion they ought to be showing more movies such as this. I would rate the movie with 5 stars and recommend it to everyone to see...
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By juliehildreth
Written October 14, 2013
Very well-done. First and foremost, we were thoroughly entertained. The acting and music were stellar. We both appreciated the Christian foundation of the story and the theme that faith is tested in the real world. My spouse and I saw it together, and it sparked some thoughtful conversation on parenting our two children as they will be teenagers in a few years. We'll defiinitely watch this again with our daughter and son when they are teens.
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Grace Unplugged

By vidadepaz
Written October 05, 2013
Went to see it last night with a group of teen girls ( ages 14 to 18). The girls really liked it and could really relate to the struggles that Christian teens face when they are trying to work out there own salvation and wanting to be independent. The acting was great and the characters were relatable. I love the message of the Lords pursuing love and grace, even when we are running from Him!
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